Denmark DDSA Visit Grant Scholarships 2024 Available

The DDSA Visit Grant, offered by the Danish Data Science Academy, is a grant designed to attract students and researchers from around the world to visit data science research environments in Denmark. The purpose of the grant is to encourage potential future DDSA fellowship applications in collaboration with Danish universities or research institutions.

Key points about the DDSA Visit Grant

  • Eligibility: Open to Danish and international students (bachelor’s, master’s, PhD) and postdoctoral researchers.
  • Amount: Stipend, funding to cover travel, accommodation, and related expenses.
  • Exclusions: Does not cover salary, daily allowances, food expenses, or local transportation.
  • Application: Applications can be submitted all year round and are processed within 4 weeks

What Does the Grant Cover?

  • Up to DKK 15,000 for travel, accommodation, and related expenses
  • Does not cover salary, daily allowances, food, or local transport

Who Can Apply?

  • Bachelor’s and master’s degree students
  • PhD students
  • Postdoctoral researchers
  • Must be enrolled or employed at a university or within one year of completing your university program

When to Apply?

  • Applications accepted year-round for 2024
  • Processed within six weeks
  • Apply before starting your visit
  • One grant per year per applicant; supervisors can host up to three visit applicants per year

Eligibility Criteria

  • Your motivation and scientific purpose for the visit
  • How your scientific profile matches the DDSA Fellowships
  • A letter of support from your host institution/supervisor

How to Apply?

  1. Visit the DDSA portal here ( and click ‘Apply Now’.
  2. Include a ‘Letter of Support’ from your host institution/supervisor using the DDSA template.

Breakdown of Available Fellowship Opportunities for 2024 by DDSA

  • 10 PhD Scholarships
  • 10 Cross-Disciplinary PhD Scholarships
  • 6 Postdoc Fellowships

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