Denmark Skill Shortage Jobs and Trades in 2024 With Work VISA Opportunities


In 2024, Denmark finds itself at a critical juncture, grappling with a notable skill shortage across diverse sectors, from healthcare to IT. The recent update of Denmark’s Positive List, spotlighting these skill gaps, underscores an urgent call for international talent. This article serves as a crucial guide for skilled workers worldwide, beckoning them to seize the myriad opportunities that Denmark’s dynamic job market has to offer.

As Denmark rides the wave of economic growth, its job market tells a tale of two contrasting realities. On one hand, there’s a robust unemployment rate hovering around 4%, a beacon of job creation; on the other, the looming shadow of automation threatens up to a third of existing jobs. Yet, amidst this dichotomy, lies a realm of opportunity, particularly in sectors thirsty for skilled hands and brilliant minds.

  • Overall Job Growth: Denmark’s job market shows positive trends with an unemployment rate around 4%, indicating healthy job creation. Despite this, concerns linger about the potential impact of automation, which could affect up to 33% of jobs, as per Nordregio’s estimates.
  • Specific Job Categories: Key sectors experiencing skilled worker shortages include healthcare, engineering, IT, and education. The green transition, heavily supported by the government, is poised to create new jobs while possibly disrupting traditional industries.
  • Looking Forward: The green transition, as highlighted in the State of Green report, could lead to the creation of approximately 17,000 permanent jobs over the coming decades. The exact number of new jobs, however, hinges on future policies and economic shifts.

Understanding Denmark’s Positive List

  • Positive List for Skilled Workers: This list pinpoints professions lacking qualified workers in Denmark, catering to non-EU workers and not necessitating higher education qualifications. Updated biannually, it includes roles like CNC machinists and specialized nurses.
  • Positive List for People with Higher Education: Targeting roles requiring university degrees, this list aids non-EU workers in obtaining expedited work and residence permits for positions like civil engineers and IT architects.

New Skill Shortage Trades in Denmark in 2024

  • Technical and Construction Trades: Includes electricians, construction workers, metalworkers, CNC machinists, and HVAC technicians, reflecting the country’s focus on construction and green energy.
  • Healthcare and Social Services: Nurses, physiotherapists, special educators, and social workers are in high demand, especially in elderly care and specialized fields.
  • IT and Technology: The burgeoning tech sector seeks software developers, cybersecurity specialists, data analysts, and IT project managers.

New List of Top 10 Skill Shortage Jobs in Denmark in 2024

Following new skill shortage jobs are updated in positive list of Denmark in January 2024:

    1. Software Developers: Vital for Denmark’s tech sector, spanning fintech to healthcare.
    2. Nurses: Especially needed in elderly care and niche healthcare fields.
    3. Electricians: Driven by green energy projects and construction.
    4. CNC Machinists: Key players in precision manufacturing.
    5. Construction Workers: Central to infrastructure projects.
    6. IT Project Managers: Crucial for overseeing tech initiatives.
    7. Cybersecurity Specialists: Needed to safeguard digital assets.
    8. Truck Drivers: Essential for the transportation sector.
    9. Welders and Metalworkers: Important for industrial sectors like shipbuilding.
    10. Data Analysts and Scientists: In demand for handling big data across sectors.

Top Recruitment Agencies for Denmark’s Skill Shortage Jobs

  • Generalist Agencies: Michael Page, Adecco, Robert Walters, and Manpower cater to a wide range of sectors.
  • Sector-Specific Agencies: IT Minds (IT sector), Healthcare Denmark (healthcare), Construction People (construction).
  • Specialized Agencies: Green Recruit (green energy) and JobsinDenmark (online platform).
  • Additional Resources: Work in Denmark and LinkedIn are valuable for job search and networking.

Denmark’s job market is evolving, with significant opportunities in various sectors and this new January 2024 update is quite big compared to the last update.


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