Dr Beryl Collier Aboriginal Scholarship 2024 at University of Newcastle, Australia

The Dr Beryl Collier Aboriginal Scholarship is a prestigious opportunity for Indigenous students at the University of Newcastle, Australia. It’s designed to honor the memory of Dr Beryl Collier, a passionate advocate for education and the rights of the Aboriginal community. This guide provides a clear overview of the scholarship details, eligibility criteria, application process, and the benefits involved.

What is this Scholarship all about?

Dr. Beryl Collier Aboriginal Scholarship provides a $30,000 fund to support Indigenous students across various faculties at the University of Newcastle, including Engineering, Science and Environment; Health, Medicine and well-being; and Human and Social Futures. It grants the financial support over up to three years, distributed in $5,000 installments each semester, subject to continued eligibility.

About Donor of this scholarship: Dr Beryl Collier, an esteemed gynecologist and obstetrician, dedicated her life to education and the well-being of the Aboriginal community. Following her passing, a bequest of $300,000 led to the creation of this scholarship, reflecting her commitment to making higher education accessible for Indigenous peoples.

Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible, applicants must

  • Be enrolled in any year of any Bachelor’s degree at the University of Newcastle Central Coast Campus.
  • Be enrolled full-time.
  • Demonstrate academic achievement with an ATAR of 75+ for new students, or a GPA of 5.0 for continuing students.
  • Establish Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander identity as per university guidelines.
  • Not be receiving another University of Newcastle donor-funded or sponsored scholarship concurrently.

Selection Process: Selection is competitive, based on the scholarship application and supporting documents. Preference is given to members of the National Aboriginal & Islander Skills Development Association (NAISDA).

How to Apply?

Interested students should prepare their applications and supporting documents, adhering to the guidelines provided on the University of Newcastle’s website.

Application deadline: The application deadline for the Dr Beryl Collier Aboriginal Scholarship is 17 March 2024.

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