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European Research Council Grants at University of Melbourne 2024

The European Research Council (ERC) offers a program called “Starting Grants” at University of Melbourne in Australia to support new research across all fields. This is for researchers who want to start their own projects and teams and are willing to contribute more in their respective research fields.


  • You get a big grant to do your research in the EU.
  • Extra money is available for important costs related to your research.

How Much Money European Research Council Grants?

  • Maximum Grant: Up to €1.5 million for 5 years.
  • Extra Funding: Up to €1 million more for certain costs like moving to the EU, buying big equipment, or special research costs.

Other ERC Grants:

  • Proof of Concept: €150,000 lump sum.
  • Consolidator Grants: Up to €2 million.
  • Advanced Grants: Up to €2.5 million.
  • Synergy Grants: Up to €10 million.
  • Extra funds are available for certain costs, like moving to the EU.

Number of Grants:

At least 400 grants are awarded.

Who Can Apply?

  • Experience: You need 2-7 years of experience after your PhD.
  • Location: Your project should be at a research place in the EU or associated countries.
  • Global Eligibility: Any researcher from around the world can apply, as long as their research is done in the EU or associated countries.

How to Get the Grant?

  1. Peer Review: Experts check and score your research proposal.
  2. Ranking: If your proposal is good enough, it gets ranked.
  3. Budget Limits: Only the top proposals get the grant, based on the available budget.

Steps Before Applying:

  • Choose the right ERC grant and call for you.
  • Pick where you want to do the research and who to work with.
  • Get more info and help from the Research Enquiry Service.

How to Apply?

Apply online at the ERC website: ERC Starting Grants and more information can also be found on University of Melbourne page.


Visit the ERC Starting Grants website for more detailed information and application procedures

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