Fujian Government Scholarships at Xiamen University in 2024

In a world where education is the cornerstone of opportunity, the Fujian Provincial Government Scholarships for batch of 2024 at Xiamen University represent a golden chance for international students. Xiamen University, a prestigious institution founded in 1921 by the patriotic overseas Chinese leader Mr. Tan Kah Kee, is at the forefront of this initiative. You will be glad to know that this is not the only scholarship being offered at Xiamen university as it also offers CSC scholarship.

Xiamen University Campus and History

Xiamen University (XMU) is not just a university but a legacy. As part of China’s 211 Project, 985 Project, and Double First-Class Initiative, it aims to achieve world-class standing. The university is a blend of natural beauty and academic prowess, nestled between hills and sea, and is known for its stunning campus and robust educational facilities.

XMU’s expansive network includes Siming, Zhangzhou, and Xiang’an campuses, and an international campus in Malaysia. With 34 schools, 17 research institutes, and a faculty of nearly 3,000 distinguished professors, including members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Engineering, XMU offers an enriching environment for over 45,000 students. Its global outreach, with cooperation agreements with 265 overseas universities and numerous Confucius Institutes worldwide, underscores its international presence.

Therefore, if you get an opportunity to study for free at Xiamen university via a fully funded scholarship for the classes starting in September 2024 then that is going to be a big thing.

Sponsorship package of Fujian Government Scholarship

The Fujian Government Scholarship 2024 at Xiamen University provides several significant benefits for international students, enabling them to pursue their academic goals in one of China’s most prestigious institutions. Here are the key benefits of this scholarship:

Financial Support: The scholarship offers substantial financial aid to cover educational expenses. The amount varies depending on the level of study:

    • Bachelor’s Programs: RMB 30,000 per year.
    • Master’s Programs: RMB 40,000 per year.
    • Doctoral Programs: RMB 50,000 per year.

Eligibility Criteria of Fujian Government Scholarship

You can apply for Fujian government scholarship 2024 if you are:

  • Non-Chinese citizenship and good health.
  • Have Chinese language proficiency equivalent to HSK band 3 or above.
  • Age limits: Under 30 for Bachelor’s programs, under 35 for Master’s, and under 40 for Doctoral programs.

Scholarship Quota: Approximately 20 new students will be selected for this Fujian Gov scholarship in 2024.

How to Apply for Fujian Gov Scholarship?

The application process involves an online form submission which is an Application Form for Fujian Provincial Government Scholarships. Candidates will then undergo a comprehensive review based on academic record, language proficiency, and other merits. The final decision rests with the Fujian Provincial Department of Education, and results will be published on the admissions website of Xiamen university before June 2024.

Application Deadline:

The application deadline for the Fujian Government Scholarship 2024 at Xiamen University is April 10, 2024. The Fujian Government Scholarships at Xiamen University offer a unique opportunity for international students to study at one of China’s most prestigious universities. With its rich academic environment, beautiful campus, and comprehensive support, XMU is the perfect destination for those seeking to excel in their educational pursuits. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this incredible journey in 2024

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