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Germany Job Seekers VISA 2023 – Fees, Eligibility, Application Process

Germany is a new name among the countries where employment is offered to international workers in bulk. You might know already that if you want to apply for a job in a foreign country then your first step would be to apply for that job, get an appointment letter, and then apply for a work VISA for Germany. But what if i tell you Germany is offering jobs seekers VISA to international job seekers so they can enter Germany to find jobs there and stay up to six months in Germany on Job Seekers VISA!

Germany is becoming a very popular employment destination for individuals for career-oriented people due to its ever-growing economy and this is why thousands of German job openings are now available there for recruitment in 2023. This is why i gathered this information via the immigration portal of Europe for Germany to help you with your German Work Job Seeker VISA queries.

What is the Job Seekers German VISA?

German Job Seekers VISA is a legal entry pass for international job seekers to enter Germany to find jobs. This visa is a type of work permit which allows you to stay in Germany for around 6 months and search for employment in German market directly. If you find a job on German Job Seekers VISA then you can simply apply for a German work visa along with a residence permit.

The main purpose of this Job Seekers German VISA is that it allows skilled workers to enter Germany with ease and look for vacant positions in their respective fields and upon finding employment they can then apply for a proper German work visa.

So now if you are wondering where you can submit your application for acquiring a German Job Seeker VISA then this article is here to provide you with that information.

Where to Apply for a German Job Seeker VISA?

As the procedure goes the same for all German visa applications, you will have to apply to a German Embassy or consulate near you where your Job Seeker VISA application will be accepted and evaluated for whether you fulfill the eligibility criteria for traveling to their country or not.

Do You Stand Eligible for a Job Seekers VISA for Germany?

The eligibility criteria for a German job seeking permit ask candidates to fulfill certain requirements that i have explained in this section for you:

  • The first condition is that you must hold third-world country citizenship along with an education that must be recognized in Germany.
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience is also a requirement for a German Job seeker VISA. Candidates are also required to provide evidence of their vocational training along with an experience certificate.
  • You also need to provide documentation as proof of your academic qualifications coupled with records of your bank balance sheet which will show whether you will be able to support your stay in Germany or not.

German Job Seeker VISA Application Fee: €75

Please also be aware of the application fee of around €75 will be charged when you hand in your documents to German embassy counter.

Can You Start Working on German Job Seekers VISA?

Job Seeker VISA holders are not allowed to start working in Germany unless they convert their Job Seekers VISA into a German Work VISA permit. But, if an employer asks you to complete a trial work period then you might be allowed to work on Job Seekers VISA for not more than 10 hours per week.

How to Convert a German Job Seeker VISA into a Work VISA?

Once you get a full-time job in Germany on job seeker’s VISA then please apply for EU Blue Card or residence permit of Germany for qualified professionals at any nearest German immigration office (Ausländerbehörde or Ausländeramt).

Success Ratio to Find Job in Germany on Job Seeker VISA: Depends

No one can guarantee your success in finding a permanent high paying job in Germany on Job Seekers VISA because i actually depends on your qualification, skills, language proficiency, and work experience. And as far as job market scope is concerned i can tell there are thousands and thousands of jobs available in Germany for international workers and i suggest you to even start your job search online so that you’ll straightaway have some job interviews scheduled once you arrive in Germany.

Can a German Job Seeker VISA be Extended?

The holder of Job seeker VISA needs to return to their home country upon completion of time stated in the German Job Seekers VISA (Usually six months). However, candidates can apply for a job seeker VISA for Germany again to return to Germany to find jobs.

Language Requirement for German Job Seekers VISA

There is no language requirement specified for Job Seekers VISA of Germany but i still encourage you to get some proficiency in German language because then German employers would be comfortable hiring you. In case, you got a certification in vocational training then be prepared to provide a certificate of language proficiency level B2 (CEFR).

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