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Germany Work VISA for Skilled Workers With Jobs in 2024

Hey job seekers i have got a breaking news for you; Government of Germany is now going to ease immigration rules for international skilled workers to find jobs in Germany and this development came as result of survey conducted by Institute for Employment Research (IAB) reporting 1.74 Million vacant job positions in Germany (Ref: Euronews) last year.

This is why German government recently observed concerned which is why they now want to fill those employee shortages with foreign qualified skilled worker staff therefore i want you to please look at it as a big opportunity for you to land a high paying job in Germany with residence permit.

How Germany is going to Capture Foreign Skilled Workers?

This new German job opportunity card is going to be a new residence permit which is named as ‘chancenkarte’ by Government of Germany which will be issued to international skilled workers to let them stay in Germany for long term job purposes.

Basically, chancenkarte is going to be a skilled worker points based evaluation system in which international skilled job applicants will be competing with themselves based on German language proficiency, age, professional experience and qualifications and with that the job applicants would also be required to meet any of these three conditions out of four to have atleast 3 years of professional work experience, vocational training or degree, under 35 years of age, have lived in Germany before, or speaks German language fluently.

Benefits of Germany’s New Chancenkarte Jobs Opportunity Card

As per my understanding and research; chancenkarte is going to be a free style job searching German job card VISA for all international skilled workers to enter Germany to look for job while residing in Germany and i also want to mention that this chancenkarte is not that standard German Work VISA because this chancenkarte is aimed to allow foreign skilled workers to enter Germany to apply for jobs while living in German and this also allow German companies and government departments to hire ‘Skilled Professional Workers’ from all around the world for their unfilled job positions.

With that you also need to know that if you hold chancenkarte opportunity card of Germany then you will actually be allowed to live in Germany for one year to search full time employment whereas with that you need to provide evidence to immigration department of Germany that you got enough expense to support your living in Germany whereas you will also be permitted to work part time for up to 20 hours per week in Germany in case you are unable to find a full time job opportunity.

Which Jobs are in Super High Demand in Gerrmany?

I know this is very important question and this is why i spent more time on cross checking facts and now i am going to give you up to date information on which of the occupations in Germany are nowadays open for most job positions so if you are a skilled worker in fields of catering, craftsmenship, information technology, nursing, engineering, and hospitality then as per IFO survey you are in luck because these are the most high demand job occupations in Germany in 2023.

Also those skilled workers from manufacturing, production, warehouse, heavy machinery operations, retail and construction businesses, healthcare workers, metallurgy experts, pharmaceutical and chemical industries skilled workers are also in very high demand in Germany so if you belong from any of these professions with required qualifications and experience then do not wait and be ready to apply for German chancenkarte once its made available by German immigration department.

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