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Work VISA’s 2024 for Job Seekers With STEM Subjects Degree Holders

14 Easy Work VISAS in 2024 for Job Seekers with Degrees in STEM Subjects


In 2024, the global landscape for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) occupations has never been more vibrant and crucial. Amid ongoing technological advancements and the digital transformation of industries, there exists a palpable skill shortage across various sectors worldwide. This disparity has prompted nations to implement enticing immigration schemes to attract STEM professionals.

These programs often offer competitive benefits, including low or tax-free salaries, streamlined immigration procedures, and lucrative compensation packages, fostering a dynamic environment where STEM talent can thrive and contribute significantly to technological innovation and economic growth.

Here’s a structured guide to the top destinations offering such opportunities, making it easier for STEM job seekers to find their next career move abroad:


14 Countries Offering STEM Immigration Programs With Jobs in 2024

Here is the latest list of countries that are actively attracting STEM workers from around the world by offering easy immigration programs launched exclusively for individuals with skills in STEM fields or degrees in STEM subjects in 2024:

1# Ireland Irish Work Permit (Critical Skills Employment Permit)

Encourages the hiring of foreign STEM workers to fill domestic skill shortages, especially in tech sectors.


2# Australia Global Talent Visa Program

Targets highly skilled professionals in STEM, offering a pathway to permanent residency based on skill and talent.

3# Germany Skilled Worker Visa

Facilitated visa process for qualified STEM professionals, addressing shortages in engineering and tech industries.


4# New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category Visa

Focuses on skilled workers, including STEM, to fill local skill gaps and support economic growth.

5# Singapore Employment Pass

Attracts foreign professionals with in-demand STEM skills, cementing Singapore’s status as a major tech hub.

6# United Kingdom Skilled Worker Visa

A points-based system rewarding STEM qualifications and experience, aimed at enriching the UK’s talent pool.


7# Canadian Express Entry System

Expedited process for STEM professionals, responding to Canada’s robust demand in technology and engineering sectors.

8# Netherlands Highly Skilled Migrant Visa

Offers visas to foreign workers with relevant STEM qualifications and experience.


9# Denmark Positive List Scheme

Simplifies visa applications for in-demand STEM professions, supporting Denmark’s innovation and technology sectors.

10# United Arab Emirates Green VISA

Provides long-term residency for skilled STEM professionals, part of the UAE’s strategy to diversify its economy.

11# Estonia e-Residency Program

This Estonian e-residency program is a unique visa option for those having degrees in STEM areas such as tech entrepreneurs, enabling management of online businesses remotely.


12# Portugal Work VISA

Suitable for remote STEM workers and freelancers, offering a blend of work flexibility and quality of life.

13# Spain Work Visa for Highly Qualified Professionals

This Spanish visa type is available to international STEM professionals with advanced degrees, addressing Spain’s need for high-level expertise.

14# France Talent Passport

Fast-track visa for highly skilled STEM individuals, facilitating France’s ambition to become a leading innovation hub

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