Global Academic Excellence Scholarship 2024 at University of Adelaide


The University of Adelaide invites outstanding international students to apply for the 2024 Global Academic Excellence Scholarship. This distinguished award offers a 50% tuition fee reduction for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students who have shown remarkable academic prowess. Located in Australia, the University of Adelaide is part of the esteemed Group of Eight, standing tall among the world’s leading universities.

Who Can Apply?

  • Eligibility: Open to international students from Vietnam, Taiwan, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and those who have completed their studies in Australia.
  • Programs: Available for direct entry into both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, including Pre-Enrolment English Program (PEP) participants.

Scholarship Highlights

  • Value: 50% reduction in international tuition fees.
  • Criteria: Based on academic merit—Undergraduates need a minimum ATAR of 99.9, Postgraduates a GPA of 6.9 on a 7.0 scale, or a GPA of 6.8 for studies at the University of Adelaide.
  • Selection: Academic achievements in prior qualifications are crucial for consideration.

How to Apply?

Apply directly through the University of Adelaide’s coursework award program application process. Ensure you meet all academic requirements for admission to be considered for this scholarship. The process identifies eligible candidates based on academic merit.

Application Deadline

The application must be completed by April 30, 2024.


Dr. Philip Morgan

(Associate Editor) Dr. Philip Morgan is a postdoctoral fellow and lead author at He earned his Master's and Ph.D. from Stanford before pursuing research in the U.S. on a Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship. Leveraging his diverse academic background, Dr. Morgan creates informative articles on scholarships, internships, and fellowships for international students. His expertise and passion empower students to achieve their academic goals through international education opportunities.

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