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Hamburg Port is second largest port in World

Hamburg is the largest city in Germany with 1.8 million people living in it. In the past, it was a sovereign city under the Hanseatic League. The Hamburg city is also known as the “the gateway to the world” as it’s the main transportation hub and industrial engine of Germany helping different cities to prosper. Moreover, it is a highly standardized and organized city as hundreds of companies operate in it making a major financial impact on the economy of the city as well as the country.

World’s second-largest port is in Hamburg

Hamburg city has the second-largest port in the world. Tourists from all over the world come to Hamburg to experience boat rides starting from the port and going through the serpentine watery streams. So, whenever you are in Hamburg don’t forget to have a boat ride which is worth having. ‘

Hamburg Culture and Tradition

The culture and tradition of Hamburg are depicted by its historical buildings and residences. These buildings are preserved and updated through the time to let people know about the rich history of Hamburg. Walking through the streets of the old town you can nourish your eyes with great art and designs of history. Additionally, you can also see Speicherstadt which is a historic brick warehouse in the old town.  

There are approximately 2300 bridges in the Hamburg which are more than Venice and Amsterdam combined. However, along with these beautiful bridges, there are many green spaces, which are sometimes used as recreational venues. Moreover, these recreational venues are also considered as a depiction of true wealth among people who live in that area.

Hamburg Port

Apart from being the greatest trade center between Eastern and Northern Europe, the Hamburg port is a great tourist attraction. Two of the rivers that flow through the streets of Hamburg are surrounded by flower gardens, restaurants, and beautiful shops, giving an image of serenity and peace to the place.

Top Attractions in Hamburg

There are many tourist attractions in the city and one of them is the boat ride around the streams of Elbe. It does not matter if you take a ride on the jacked boat or a fancy yacht, the experience remains unforgettable. Moreover, a visit to St. Pauli street in the Reeperbahn red-light district is a must. Like the nightlife, there is very charming. This is because the street has very fine restaurants to enjoy great food.

Hamburg Germany Culture and Arts

Culturally Hamburg is very rich. It has 40 theatres including John Neumeier’s Hamburg Ballet and Hamburg state Opera. Additionally, it has more than 30 cinemas, 60 private and public museums offering information about different eras in history.

Nightlife in Hamburg city

St.Pauli street hosts great nightlife as it has great artsy galleries and clubs offering people to amuse themselves in the awe of darkness. Moreover, Hamburg has its own customs and traditions which are celebrated with full swing and everybody is welcomed to join the celebrations.

Shopping in Hamburg

Shopping is another great activity you can do while being in Hamburg. Hamburg has large number of top-notch clothing stores providing fashionable clothes to the customers. Additionally, it also offers people a combination of kitschy and chic clothes challenging the comfort zones of the societies.

What else Hamburg has to offer to its tourists?

Another memorable tourist experience you can have while in Hamburg is to visit Tierpark Hagenbeck where you can see animals up-close. Moreover, in Tierpark Hagenbeck animals are not kept in cages rather they are set free in the natural environment which let people enjoy the symbiotic pleasure of living. Apart from this, when in Hamburg you can never find a perfect hamburger as there are people with different origins and cultural aspects offering food according to themselves.

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