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High Paying Jobs in Switzerland 2024 for International Job Applicants

When you put in your qualifications, skills, experience, and time to perform your daily duties at workplace then you deserve a thick salary which must cover your basic life necessities, and a surplus amount of money as your monthly savings but as far as i know most of employees are not well paid which is why i always bring for you some leads where you can actually earn much higher salaries if you migrate to start a job there and for that reason in this article i am going to reveal some high paying occupations in Switzerland.

How Many Millionaires are there in Switzerland?

I think you will be blown away by this fact revealing that Switzerland’s population is just 0.1% of world but there are over 800,000 millionaires residing in Switzerland which contributes to 1.7% of global rich population from this country (Ref Expatica) and i think this is a clear indication of having salaries, good business environment and elevated life standards in Switzerland.

National Wage Calculator of Switzerland

Wages/salaries in Switzerland are high (Ref whereas you if you get employed in Switzerland then your minimum salary would be much higher compared to any other country (Ref, although if you want to get an idea of how much you can actually earn by working in Switzerland then you can use Switzerland national wage calculator to find wage of you profession as per your qualification and work experience level.

List of High Paying Job Occupation in Switzerland

So now i will tell you which jobs are in limelight in Switzerland in 2023-2024 due to their high demand and i think as you can guess when there is high demand or shortage of profession then employers are actually willing to pay very high salaries which means all these below listed jobs are very very high paying as well:

1- IT Qualified Professionals Jobs – Salary CHF 120k+

If you have qualification and work experience in any of IT fields such as computer scientist, computer chip designer, technician, web developer, networking engineer, AI expert, AI engineer, software tester, or software developer then i suggest you to look for jobs in Switzerland because you will surely get very high salary with high living standard there in 2024 and if you ask me in which IT company you can find jobs in Switzeralnd then my suggestion to you would be to look for jobs in radity GmbH, Axon active, axisbits, SCIGILITY, miquido, and dataart.

2- Healthcare Professionals Jobs – Salary CHF 200k+

As per my research on healthcare sector of Switzerland i was amazed by this fact that doctors are earning very very high salaries in Switzerland which even exceed their expectations (Ref and if i tell you by designations than neurosurgeons are on top of the higher earner’s list followed by gastroenterologist, oncology, anesthesiologist, radiologist, facial/mouth surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, urologist, and hand surgeon.

Whereas if you are now interested to find a job in Switzerland then i highly recommend you to search for open job positions at hôpital de moutier, privatklinik siloah, and clinique de genolier.

3- Education Sector Jobs – Salary CHF 100k+

If you are a student, researcher, scientist, or professor then i have got a very good news for you because you can easily find a high paying study opportunity on Switzerland scholarship, or a high paying Swiss fellowship, and high salary teaching/research assistant job in Switzerland Universities such as University of Geneva, University of Zurich, and ETH zurich in 2024.

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