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Hongkong Skills Shortage Jobs 2023 for International Workers

HK Jobs Occupation List Approved for Hiring Foreigners in 2023

If you are making effort in finding a job abroad then i suggest you to look for skilled worker jobs in Hongkong which is also one of those countries where their government allows the hiring of skilled international workers through via HK General Employment Policy (GEP) 2023.

But this is not so easy as it looks because HK government wants their companies and departments to provide employment to their local citizens and in case there are certain skills that are not readily available for hiring in Hongkong so then international skilled workers can be hired with GEP policy which means your first task would be to find out skill shortage job professions in Hongkong, apply for those, and get an appointment letter.

List of Skill Shortage Employment Sectors in Hongkong 2023

I know you want to know which of the HK sectors are producing most high demand jobs for which HK employers are not finding local talent and for that reason they have no choice but to hire international skilled workers so for that there is a list of HK occupation list which is approved by HK immigration office to provide employment VISAS for most of their jobs:

1# Construction Engineering Sector Jobs in HK

  • Civil engineering jobs
  • Architectural jobs
  • Surveying jobs
  • Environmental engineering jobs
  • Electrical engineering jobs
  • Mechanical engineering jobs
  • Landscaping jobs
  • Structural & mechanical engineering jobs

2# Educational Sector Jobs in HK

  • Tertiary education jobs
  • Researchers, scholars, jobs
  • Research associates and publication expert jobs

3# Entertainment & Broadcasting Industry Jobs in HK

  • TV channels program jobs
  • Programming or Broadcasting jobs
  • Video, music, lights, and motion picture jobs
  • Publishing jobs

4# Cultural and Arts Related jobs in HK

  • Jobs for arts or fine arts performers
  • Librarians or museums jobs
  • Photography jobs

5# Human Resource and Business Support jobs in HK

  • Advertising professionals jobs
  • Business consultation jobs
  • Admin support or secretary jobs
  • HRM professional jobs
  • Recruitment or public relations jobs
  • IT services jobs

6# Trade and Commerce industry Jobs in HK

  • Wholesale workers jobs
  • Import or export expert jobs
  • Retailing professionals vacancies

7# Tourism and Catering business jobs in HK

  • Travel agencies and hoteling sector jobs
  • Restaurant business jobs
  • Bars skilled workers or performers jobs

8# Verterinary and Healthcare sector jobs in HK

  • Jobs in Dental, or nursing services
  • Chinese, or western medicine practitioners jobs
  • Medical technologist’s and occupational therapists jobs
  • Veterinary jobs

9# Accounting, Law and Financial industry Jobs in HK

  • Insurance professionals and law sector jobs
  • Banking and accountancy jobs
  • Securities and investment bankers jobs

10# Transportation or Logistics industry jobs in HK

  • Air, sea, and land transport industry job professions
  • Logistics industry jobs

11# Industrial Manufacturing Jobs in HK

  • Beverages or food industry jobs
  • Metals industry jobs
  • Chemical or textile industry jobs
  • Watches, and electrical industry jobs
  • Sports and electronics industry jobs

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