Honjo International Scholarship Foundation 2024 in Japan

The Honjo International Scholarship Foundation will soon be opening doors for foreign students to pursue their doctoral or master’s degrees in Japanese graduate schools in 2024. Therefore this is the right time to get your documents ready to apply for this Honjo Scholarship 2024 fall academic session. This Japanese scholarship program is a unique opportunity for students from all over the world, from various research fields, to study in Japan, enriching their academic and cultural experiences.

Japanese Honjo Scholarship Overview

Eligibility: Open to foreign students who plan to attend or are already enrolled in a Japanese graduate school.
Application Period: Fall Scholarship: April 1 – April 30, 2024
Duration: The scholarship covers the minimum period required to acquire the degree.
Scholarship Amount: ¥210,000/month for 1-2 year degrees, ¥190,000/month for 3-year degrees, and ¥160,000/month for 4-5 year degrees.

Honjo Scholarship Benefits 2024

  • Payment: From the start of graduate school in April 2024.
  • No Repayment Required: Scholarship amounts do not need to be repaid.
  • Travel Grant: Available for attending international conferences.
  • Exclusivity: Recipients cannot receive other scholarships concurrently.
  • Employment Restrictions: Part-time jobs must be study-related.
  • Participation Requirements: Active participation in foundation events and interviews is mandatory.
  • Post-Graduation Engagement: Continued participation in Foundation events as alumni.

Eligibility Requirements Are:

  • Non-Japanese Citizenship.
  • Enrollment: Must be enrolled as of April 2024 or applying for courses starting from April 2024.
  • Exclusion: Professional graduate school students, unless they submit a research plan.
  • Duration of Enrollment: Must be more than 12 months.
  • Age Limit: Under 35 for PhD programs, under 30 for master’s programs.
  • Future Career Plans: Commitment to serve in their home country.
  • Language Requirement: Basic Japanese conversation skills; interviews are conducted in Japanese.

How to Apply for Honjo Scholarship in the Upcoming Session?

Online Application: Complete all necessary information on the Honjo International Scholarship Foundation’s online system (

Required Documents:

    • Face photo
    • Academic transcripts
    • Two-minute video discussing the research plan
    • Recommendation letter from a supervisor
    • Research Proposal in Japanese or English
    • Proof of admission or enrollment

The Honjo International Scholarship Foundation 2024 offers an invaluable opportunity for foreign students to advance their education in Japan. With its generous financial support, travel grants, and emphasis on international engagement, the Foundation not only supports academic excellence but also fosters cultural exchange and global understanding. This scholarship is a stepping stone for aspiring students to achieve their dreams in a supportive and enriching environment

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