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Recommendation Letter for Scholarships (With Editable Template)

A recommendation letter is a document written by a person (Professor, lecturer, employer, teacher, or supervisor) who knows the applicant professionally or academically to endorse the applicant’s qualifications, professional capabilities, character, and achievements. This letter of recommendation provides insight into the applicant’s potential from a third-party perspective, which is valuable to the entity receiving the application.

Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship Applications (Insight)

Why a recommendation letter is needed for scholarship applications?

For scholarship applications, a recommendation letter serves to authenticate and substantiate the claims made by the applicant in their scholarship application. It offers a credible and detailed account of the applicant’s academic or personal strengths and accomplishments.

Recommendation Letter Provides Validation:

It’s crucial for scholarship applications because it provides an external validation of the student’s capabilities. Scholarships are often competitive, and a well-written recommendation can differentiate an applicant by highlighting unique strengths, work ethic, and potential for success.

Who is eligible to write a Letter of Recommendation?

Typically, this letter is written by a professor, teacher, or academic advisor who is familiar with the student’s academic performance and character. Sometimes, it can also be written by employers or community leaders who have worked closely with the student.

Content of a Professor-Written Recommendation Letter:

1# Introduction: Brief introduction of the professor and their relationship with the student.

2# Academic Performance: Detailed insights into the student’s academic achievements, course work, grades, and any research or projects undertaken.

3# Personal Qualities: Description of the student’s personal qualities like dedication, leadership, teamwork, integrity, and how they have demonstrated these in academic or extracurricular activities.

4# Specific Examples: Real-life instances or anecdotes where the student displayed exceptional skills or achievements.

5# Potential for Future Success: The professor’s assessment of the student’s potential for future academic and professional success.

6# Endorsement: A strong, positive statement of recommendation for the scholarship.

7# Contact Information: Providing a way for the scholarship committee to follow up if needed.

In essence, a recommendation letter written for a scholarship application is a powerful document in a student’s application, offering a third-party perspective on their capabilities and potential, and significantly influencing the decision-making process of the scholarship committee.

Editable Template of Recommendation Letter for Scholarships

Following is a complete editable template of letter of recommendation which you can use for your scholarship applications in 2024:

[Your Name],
[Your Position],
[Your Department],
[Your Institution/Organization],
[Institution/Organization Address],
[City, State, Zip Code],
[Your Email Address],
[Your Phone Number],

[Recipient’s Name],
[Recipient’s Position],
[Scholarship Committee Name/Organization],
[Address of the Committee],
[City, State, Zip Code].

Dear [Recipient’s Name or Scholarship Committee],

I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend [Student’s Full Name] for the [Name of the Scholarship] at [Institution/Organization]. As [Your Position, e.g., Professor of Chemistry] at [Your Institution], I have had the pleasure of knowing [Student’s Name] for [number of years or semesters] as [his/her/their] [instructor/advisor] in [number of courses, projects, etc.].

[Student’s Name] has consistently demonstrated a high level of academic achievement and a deep commitment to [relevant academic field or extracurricular activities]. [He/She/They] excelled in [specific subjects or projects], showing remarkable [list qualities, such as analytical skills, creativity, dedication, etc.]. For instance, [describe a specific example of the student’s work or a particular achievement].

Beyond [his/her/their] academic prowess, [Student’s Name] is also a [describe personal qualities, such as a leader among peers, a compassionate community member, etc.]. [He/She/They] has been actively involved in [describe extracurricular activities, community service, or leadership roles], where [he/she/they] [give examples of contributions and impacts made].

[Student’s Name] has shown not only [his/her/their] capability for academic excellence but also [his/her/their] potential to make meaningful contributions to society. [He/She/They] is exactly the type of student who would greatly benefit from the [Name of the Scholarship], and I am confident that [he/she/they] will use this opportunity to further [his/her/their] educational and professional pursuits.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information or specific examples of [Student’s Name]’s work and achievements. I am eager to provide any additional insight that might aid in your decision-making process.

Thank you for considering [Student’s Name] for this prestigious scholarship. I am confident that [he/she/they] will prove to be a valuable addition to your program and an exemplary ambassador for your institution.


[Your Signature (if sending a hard copy)],
[Your Typed Name],
[Your Position],
[Your Institution/Organization].

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