Hungary Government Scholarships 2023 for International Students

Hungarian Bilateral State Scholarships 2023 for Students

Hungary Government Scholarships 2023 – Hungary is a brilliant destination from an educational and career point of view. With outstanding higher education institutions in the country, many foreign students target their higher education in Hungary. But it’s not as easy as it sounds because of the expenditures associated with relocating to a new place and then managing the educational expenses.

However, there is good news for all of you with the start of the Hungarian Bilateral State Scholarships which means that you don’t need to worry about your educational expenses anymore. Follow the article to know more about the Hungarian Bilateral State Scholarships, their benefits, eligibility criteria, application procedure, and deadline.

What is the Hungarian Bilateral State Scholarship?

The Hungarian Bilateral State Scholarships are funded by the Tempus Public Foundation with the support of the Hungarian Government. These scholarships offer financial support to students willing to undertake studies in Hungarian higher education institutes. These scholarships are also rolled out to lecturers and researchers who want to enhance their knowledge in research and art institutes.

The scholarships are handed out under two tiers. Firstly, to those candidates nominated by the government with which Hungary has signed a bilateral agreement. Secondly, to those students who independently apply for the scholarships. The candidates can opt for short-term or long-term study visits based on the duration of their stay.

Benefits of the Hungarian Bilateral State Scholarships

The Hungarian Bilateral State Scholarships aim to financially help foreign students during their study or research in Hungarian institutes. Therefore, they can be highly lucrative for these scholarship holders offering various benefits.

The postgraduate students are entitled to a stipend worth 80,000 HUF/month. This stipend can be used by the student according to their will with no interference from the foundation. The Tempus Public Foundation also awards an accommodation allowance to postgraduate students which is worth 70,000 HUF/month.

The postdoctoral students can also access a stipend of 1,20,000 HUF/month which they can use according to their needs. This is also accompanied by an accommodation allowance worth 80,000 HUF/month. These financial benefits can help in relaxing your mental state since you now no longer have to worry about your expenses in Hungary.

Eligibility Criteria Checks for Hungary Scholarships 2023

The students need to meet the eligibility criteria dictated by the Tempus Public Foundation and the Hungarian Government to be eligible for the Hungarian Bilateral State Scholarships. The students applying for long-term study visits must have a Master’s degree. Similarly, the students applying at the postdoctoral level must at least have a doctoral degree.

The students applying for these scholarships must not be living in Hungary. Moreover, they must be unemployed as defined by the Hungarian Labor Law. Foreign students applying for these scholarships should not have permanent residence status in Hungary. Additionally, they must not do so based on a settlement permit or immigration.

Application Submission Instructions for Hungary Gov Scholarships

Follow the steps below to apply for the Hungarian Bilateral State Scholarships for 2023-2024:

  • Make your account on the Tempus Public Foundation’s online system
  • Choose the category you want to apply in; postgraduate or postdoctoral
  • Fill in the CV tab
  • Attach the required documents under the section ‘Documents to be Submitted
  • Submit your complete application

Deadline – Hungary Government Scholarships

The final date for application submission for the Hungarian Bilateral State Scholarships is set for 23rd February 2023.

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