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Ireland Jobs 2023 With Irish Work VISA and Employment Permit

Skill Shortage jobs in Ireland With Free Employment Permit and Work VISA for Ireland

If you are a job seeker then i would recommend you to tap on jobs market of third richest country Ireland (Source Worlddata) where unemployment rate in April 2023 was recorded to be just under 3.7% (Source tradingeconomics) whereas you will be glad to work in Ireland which is also known to be Emerald Isle (Source Irishcentral) means you will be working in a country full of lush green countryside, lakes, farms, and national parks.

Let me tell you that the more you read about Ireland the more you will get interested to find a job there and i think you should know that Ireland has a lot to offer whether that could be its beautiful scenery, beaches, lakes, cliffs, mountains, exceptionally well living standards, or high paying work opportunities; everything about working in Ireland actually makes super sense which is why i am highly recommending you to read this article so you may end up finding a good career in Ireland in 2023.

Salary Packages of Jobs in Ireland 2023

If you ask me how much is a good salary in Ireland then i will answer it straight away by telling you to look for a job in Ireland that pays anything over €45,000 which is basically an average salary in Ireland (Source Morganmckinley) but if i have to provide you an idea of high paying job salary in Ireland then that would be anything above €70,000 (Source

Now you might be wondering if Ireland being so rich also offer additional benefits to their employees and i am grateful to inform you that workers in Ireland are given dental insurance, family life insurance, private medical insurance, personal retirement savings account (PRSA), paid maternity leaves, paternity or adoption leaves, and employee assistance programs (Source Boundless).

Do You Need IELTS to Apply for jobs in Ireland in 2023?

If you want to work in Ireland then the first requirement would be to appear in an IELTS (academic module) test and get required band score in order to stand eligible for employment permit and work visa for Ireland.

List of Skill Shortage Jobs in Ireland in 2023

If you are reading this section then i guess i have got your interest in searching for a high paying skill shortage job in Ireland but before that you should check eligibility of your occupation for Irish immigration programs and if your profession is not on that list then you can search for your occupation on the list of critically demanded skilled workers list and with that i will also give you some information on which of the Irish skill shortage jobs are available for recruitment in 2023:

1- Jobs in Healthcare sector of Ireland

As you all know that in recent times due to global situation healthcare sector jobs were created in bulk in every other country and Ireland was actually no exception to this as most of the poppulation of Ireland is aging which is why heathcare skilled and qualified workers are in high demand in Ireland nowadays.

And if i be very specific then the nursing professionals followed by doctors, medical technicians, radiologists, dentists, doctors with specializations are also in very high demand which is why the salaries are also offered to them on higher end and if you are interested to find a job in healthcare industry of Ireland then you can consider submitting your resume at Irish department of health of at HSE.

2- IT Sector and Engineering jobs in Ireland

This is actually my favorite field and i am going to tell you about both these IT and engineering sector jobs in Ireland in this one section because jobs from both these sectors are in high demand and most of their occupations comes under skill shortage occupation list of Ireland.

I think you will be happy to know that skill shortages in IT sector in 2023 are actually at its peak which is why if you have expertise in IT with right qualifications then you can actually get easily employed in IT companies of Ireland and in similar way as per skills and labor market research department of Ireland there is a surge in demand for chemical engineers, structural engineers, biochemists, electrical & mechanical engineers, and industrial pharmacists whereas you can actually apply for these jobs at Irish companies such as abbott, jacobs, J&J, intel, and Pfizer.

3- Hospitality, Education, and Finance Sector Jobs in Ireland

All my readers who already have qualifications in any of these sectors of hospitality, finance, or education can also find their way to Ireland because various occupations from these fields are also under recruitment on the basis of skill shortages and for that i will suggest you to find relevant companies or departments in Ireland then then check their open job positons and apply for their jobs and later on if you manage to get appointment letter then your next task would be to apply for Irish employment permit followed by an Ireland work VISA.

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