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Jobs at Tim Hortons Canada 2023 – Applications Accepted Online

You might have visited Tim Hortons in countries and have grabbed a cup of coffee or donuts from there but what if i tell you to apply for a high paying job at Tim Hortons then what would you say about that? So Yes! Opportunities to work for Tim Hortons are now available to all of you to submit your resumes and get employed by the biggest coffee chain and you can get employment at any of the following listed countries where Timmy’s being operated currently:

  1. Canada
  2. United States
  3. China
  4. United Arab Emirates
  5. Oman
  6. Saudi Arabia
  7. Bahrain
  8. Qatar
  9. Philippines
  10. Kuwait

List of High Demand Jobs Announced by Tim Hortons

Following are the most high demand jobs announced at Tim Hortons Restaurants around the globe in 2023 for recruitment of skilled workers:

1# Restaurant Manager Jobs at Tim Hortons

You can join Tim Hortons team as a restaurant manager if you got at least a high school certificate, prior restaurant management work experience, customer service and communication skills, knowledge of beverage and food, and the most important thing among all of these requirements is to have a knowledge of managing restaurant staff for smooth operation of a restaurant branch.

2# Coffee Barista Jobs at Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is all about coffee so if you are a certified coffee barista then don’t wait and submit your resume to Tim Hortons HR with and make sure your barista level is mentioned on your CV so that your chances of selection would be high. If you are a professional coffee barista then your salary would be highest, whereas, if you are at the barista level of professional or intermediate then you can get a standard salary package and a chance to work for an international coffee brand and in both cases, you’d be in win win situation!

3# Baker and Night Baker Jobs at Tim Hortons

Tim Horton’s franchises are always short of hiring enough staff for their bakery item production and for this purpose i emphasize on this particular job for you to focus on. Because, if you got a high school certification with experience and a diploma in baking then you’ll be a top choice for Tim Hortons barker and night baker job positions. I think it is also worth mentioning that Tim Hortons HR specified on the job requirements page of Baker that the applicant must be physically fit and be able to lift weight of up to 25 pounds so make sure you fulfill this criteria too.

4# Team Member & Production Team Member Jobs at Tim Hortons

You can also work as a team member or a production staff member at Tim Hortons if you are good with following standard recipes, processing food orders, making sandwiches, and preparing donuts, coffees, and iced capps. If you are wondering what qualification is needed by Tim Hortons for team manager job then let me answer this query now; so, you need a high school diploma with experience letter to prove your work at any food chain.

5# Supervisor Jobs at Tim Hortons

Supervisor job positions at Tim Hortons are few but very highly paid and require a thorough work experience with a high school completion certificate. You will be surprised to know that the supervisors at Tim Hortons are responsible for recruiting staff, and training them at their franchise, making sure that the Tim Hortons policy and standards are met while preparing meals, and also responsible for managing staff and assigning job roles.

How to Apply for a job at Tim Hortons?

I know you might now want to submit your CV for any of the above mentioned jobs at Tim Hortons so before we do so i advice you to please customize your resume as per the job role you are applying for at Tim and then the next thing would be to gather all required documents and finally apply directly at Tim Hortons franchise for Tim Hortons open job positions.

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