KAI-X South Korean Summer Internship 2024


The KAIST Advanced Institute for Science-X (KAI-X) is thrilled to announce the opening of applications for its prestigious 2024 Summer Research Internship Program. This unique opportunity is designed to bring together the brightest minds from around the globe, offering them an unparalleled platform to explore, innovate, and contribute to the field of natural sciences.

Why KAI-X?

The KAI-X Research Internship Program is more than just an internship. It’s an opportunity to contribute to meaningful research, develop professional skills, and collaborate with a global community of like-minded individuals. The program emphasizes projects geared towards addressing global challenges, promoting sustainability, and advancing science for the betterment of humanity.

So, if you are an ambitious undergraduate or graduate student passionate about pushing the boundaries of knowledge, this program is for you.


Funding Benefits

Selected interns will be matched with one of their three preferred laboratories, diving deep into research projects under the mentorship of distinguished faculty. Within four weeks post-application deadline, individual notifications will be sent out, unveiling the start of new research journeys.

The internship not only promises intellectual growth but also provides substantial support, covering:

  • Round-trip airfare up to 1 million KRW
  • Dormitory costs not exceeding 500,000 KRW

This comprehensive support package ensures that interns can focus on what truly matters—research and innovation.

KAI-X 2024 Internship Insights

  • Duration: The program spans 8 weeks, from June 24 to August 16, 2024.
  • Location: Dive into research at the vibrant KAIST campus located in the heart of South Korea.

Who Can Apply for KAI-X Program?

Eligibility for the KAI-X Research Internship Program extends to:

  • Overseas undergraduate students in their 3rd or 4th year
  • Graduate students enrolled in a master’s course

Fields of study include Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Brain & Cognitive Science, and Medical Science. This diverse range of disciplines ensures a rich, interdisciplinary research environment where ideas can flourish.

Application Process

Ready to leap? Here’s how to apply:

  • Application Period: February 1 to March 31, 2024, until 24:00 (Seoul Time, UTC+9)
  • Required Documents: Prepare your KAI-X internship application form, an engaging essay outlining your activity plan, proof of enrollment, an official transcript, and a letter of recommendation.
  • Submission: Email your application package to [email protected]


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