Latvian Government Scholarships 2024 for International Students

Hey students please do not waste any further time and read this article on how you can apply for a fully funded Latvian government scholarship 2024 sponsoring your full educational expenses and granting you stipend money on monthly basis to complete your bachelors, masters or phd studies in Latvia Europe starting from this year.

You might be curious to know the degree levels offered by Latvian scholarships so do not worry since Latvian government scholarships are offered on a very large scale and all degree levels such as BS, MS, and Phd are covered under this scholarship program.

Funding Coverage of Latvia Government Scholarship

Please be informed that the scholarship of Latvian government is center of attention because of its promise to provide stipend money on monthly basis to all international students with free education, free accommodation, and free research expenses.

If you manage to win a Latvia scholarship for your BS or MS degree then you can expect to get paid around €500/month whereas the doctoral degree scholarship winners would be receiving €700/month in head of stipend money with free education and other benefits. And the only drawback i see in this Latvia scholarship is its non-coverage of insurance policy for its scholarship winning students which means if you manage to win Latvian gov scholarship then you have to buy your own health insurance plan if needed.

Latvian Government Scholarship Application Process:

I know you are very excited to submit your online application for Latvia government scholarship but there are certain documents that you would be required to produce at the time of application so lets first work on making scanned copies of those documents.

1# Apply for Acceptance letter at Latvian HEI:

The first and foremost step to apply for Latvia scholarship is to contact faculty members of Latvian higher education institutions (HEI) to obtain the willingness of any professor to supervise your degree at their laboratory and if any professor agrees to supervise your degree then you will be issued with an acceptance letter which is a document needed at the time of submitting an online application for Latvian government scholarship.

2# Scan following documents:

Step two of the application process is simple as you are required to produce scanned copies of supporting documents for submitting Latvian government scholarship application online. Lets now talk about these documents now as you would need a nicely written letter of motivation, a resume, valid and attested proof of your obtained degree with transcripts, scanned copy of original English/Latvian language proficiency test result card, study plan, passport, and recommendation letters.

I think no body will tell you this but i as i want you to succeed that is why i am telling you that if you make your resume on given Europass CV template then you will actually have high chances of selection and in same way try to write your study plan as per their Latvian HEI study plan writing instructions.

3# Submit Your Application Online

Once you have created scanned copies of all these above mentioned documents then in my dictionary you are all set to apply for a fully funded Latvia Government Scholarship so do not waste any further time and create a free account on Latvia scholarship portal to submit your application and wait for their result announcement.

Dr. Philip Morgan

(Associate Editor) Dr. Philip Morgan is a postdoctoral fellow and lead author at He earned his Master's and Ph.D. from Stanford before pursuing research in the U.S. on a Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship. Leveraging his diverse academic background, Dr. Morgan creates informative articles on scholarships, internships, and fellowships for international students. His expertise and passion empower students to achieve their academic goals through international education opportunities.

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