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Berlin City Districts, Life and Culture

Berlin City of Germany

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and the biggest city in the Federal Republic had 889 square kilometers of area. According to recent stats, it has around 3.5 million citizens living there. Berlin is situated in central Europe at 13:25 E longitude and 52:32 N latitude which is 34m above the sea level.

Its local time zone is the same as Central European Time MEZ or MET which is one hour advance to GMT time and two hours advance to GMT in summers.

As the capital city, Berlin has a very turbulent and diverse past, which can be seen and felt even today in many places in the city.

Culture of Berlin Germany

Berlin has a very rich past which can even be seen even today in different parts of the city. It is full of life and has diverse cultures from all around the world. People from different ethnic backgrounds live in the city making it a unique culture wise for tourists to explore. Apart from this, the city is also known to young students and people. It has a lot of academic institutions providing excellent quality of knowledge. These academic institutions attract people from all around the world to study in these exceptional institutes.

In ancient times different kings have chosen the city as their headquarter such as King Friedrich III. It was also one of those countries which strived during the industrial revolution and became the fourth largest city in Europe. Its growth continued during the Weimar Republic and German Reich. However, the bad time came to Germany when it was under Nazi occupation during the Third Reich. Moreover, it was completely destroyed in the second world war. Later on, after the war, Berlin was divided into DDR and BRD zones. Furthermore, Germany and berlin reunited in 1990 after the 50 years of separation.

History of Germany In Berlin

The history of Germany is kept alive in different museums and historical places such as the parts of the large Berlin wall which can be seen in different places if the city.

  • Alexanderplatz Square

Alexanderplatz is the popular square in the city as it contains Brunnen der Völkerfreundschaft, Fernsehturm and the Weltzeituhr. Fernsehturm is the viewing balcony and is one of the landmarks in the town. Moreover, Brandenburger Tor is another famous place in the city as it is a sign of reunification with Germany. When the Berlin wall was standing there were passages in the wall where troops of the army faced each other. But at present, Charlie Checkpoint is a small symbol reminding of the hard times the people were in at that time.

  • Berlin Wall

Parts of the Berlin wall also contain barricades and some ancient watchtowers. In order to make tourists understand the history of the city, the city has tour guides that guide people about different things. Nazi-era is depicted by the Denkmal für die Ermordung der Juden reminding the countless lives lost back then. It has around 2,700 squares of stones places in that area and walking through that stone makes people emotional.

  • Jewish museum and the Bundestag

Some other places such as the Jewish museum and the Bundestag with surrounding political buildings are also worth visiting when in Berlin. Bundestag has a big glass dome on the building which attracts a lot of tourists. Furthermore, you can also visit a number of other places while being in Germany, such as Botanical and Zoological Garden, Castle Charlottenburg, Castle Bellevue, Palast der Republik, Kurfürstendamm and many more places.

Districts of Berlin Germany

There are 12 districts in Berlin and each district has its own history and unique culture which is very interesting. So, exploring the city of Berlin is very time consuming and there is always something remaining which you haven’t seen. Additionally, life in the capital is full of fun and you will never get bored of exploring new things.

Following is the list of 12 districts of Berlin Germany:


  4. MITTE









Berlin was a prominent place for trading in the medieval times for all the people including royals and the local people. But this trading ended during world war II as the city was torn apart. Later on, it gained its old power back after the fall of the wall and its reunification with Germany.

Berlin is not only the tourist destination for many people, but it is the city of opportunities too. People from all around the world come to Berlin to find new jobs, to make Berlin their permanent home. Furthermore, it attracts students from all over the world because of its quality institutions. Berlin gathers artists from different countries to bring the world a new type of art and innovations. So, if you want to want to visit Berlin then don’t wait and plan for it as you will never regret doing it. The quality of living life in Germany is worth considering.

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