Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program 2024 at University of Cambridge


The University of Cambridge is now offering admissions to international students sponsored by the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program 2024-2025 covering educational expenses, monthly stipends, travel costs, and research allowances for African students. This article provides an in-depth guide on the scholarship’s offerings, eligibility criteria, and application process for the 2024/2025 academic year.

The University of Cambridge, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, is delighted to announce the opening of application window for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program for the 2024/2025 academic year. This prestigious program is dedicated to empowering talented African students through fully funded master’s training, fostering transformative leadership, and encouraging contributions towards climate resilience and sustainability globally.

Key Benefits of Mastercard Scholarship 2024 at Oxford

The Mastercard Foundation Scholarship 2024 at Cambridge offers:

  1. Fully Funded Education: Covers tuition and essential expenses.
  2. Monthly Maintenance Allowance: Stipend for living expenses.
  3. Visa and Travel Support: Manages visa and travel costs.
  4. Laptop Allowance: Financial aid for technology needs.
  5. Cohort-Wide Induction Programme: Early start and acclimatization for scholars.
  6. Mentorship and Support: Ongoing academic guidance.
  7. Alumni Network: Access to a dynamic post-graduation community

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship at the University of Cambridge is primarily aimed at citizens and residents of African countries. This includes those who are temporarily abroad for study or work purposes but have the intention of returning to Africa, as well as individuals who have been displaced within the continent. Additionally, applicants must be applying for a Master’s course at the University of Cambridge that has a duration of up to one year.

Application Process

Take Admission at Oxford University by choosing a relevant course:


To secure admission at the University of Cambridge, start by selecting a relevant course from the Oxford course directory. It is crucial to complete this application step by the funding deadline associated with your chosen course.

Submit Your Mastercard Scholarship Application:


To apply for the Mastercard Scholarship 2024, you’ll need to submit a supplementary statement as part of your course application at the University of Cambridge. This statement should highlight your dedication to promoting climate resilience and sustainable futures in Africa.

Application Deadline for Oxford’s Mastercard Scholarship 2024

The last date to submit your admission application at Oxford for a Mastercard foundation scholarship program for the session of 2024-2025 is January 5, 2024.


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