McDonald Fellowship 2024 for International Students


Are you an early-career researcher or clinician from a low- or middle-income country with a passion for advancing multiple sclerosis (MS) research? The McDonald Fellowship 2024, presented by the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF), could be your gateway to significant professional development.

This blog post provides an essential guide for prospective applicants, outlining what the fellowship is, eligibility criteria, application process, and the importance of this opportunity.

What is the McDonald Fellowship?

The McDonald Fellowship is designed to support promising MS researchers and clinicians from low- and middle-income countries. It offers a unique opportunity to undertake a two-year research placement at an esteemed institution outside their home country. With a generous grant of approximately GBP 30,000 per year to cover travel and living expenses, plus an additional £2,000 GBP yearly contribution to the host institution, the fellowship aims to foster knowledge exchange and skill development. Recipients are expected to leverage this experience to further MS research and care in their home countries upon return.


Eligibility Criteria

To apply, candidates must:

  • Have a postgraduate degree (MSc, preferably PhD/MD) in a field relevant to MS.
  • Be citizens of a low- or middle-income country, as defined by the World Bank.
  • Currently work or study in a qualifying country, have commenced a project in another country within six months prior to the application, or be studying abroad on an MSIF-supported Du Pré grant project.

Importantly, applicants should have a project and host supervisor in mind before applying, ensuring a collaborative application process.


Application Process: How to Apply

  1. Identify Your Project and Supervisor: Before applying, find a suitable project and agree on it with your prospective host supervisor.
  2. Complete the Online Application: Fill in all sections of the online form, including a lay summary of your research proposal.
  3. Host Supporting Statement: After submitting your application, your host will be invited to provide a supporting statement.
  4. References: Secure three reference letters sent directly to MSIF by your referees before the deadline.

Deadline: All application components, including reference letters and host statements, must be submitted by 30 June 2024.


Dr. Philip Morgan

(Associate Editor) Dr. Philip Morgan is a postdoctoral fellow and lead author at He earned his Master's and Ph.D. from Stanford before pursuing research in the U.S. on a Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship. Leveraging his diverse academic background, Dr. Morgan creates informative articles on scholarships, internships, and fellowships for international students. His expertise and passion empower students to achieve their academic goals through international education opportunities.

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