Mitacs Accelerate Internships 2024 Offering $10000 Stipend/Intern

Are you a student or postdoc looking to broaden your professional network, gain invaluable hands-on experience, and access funding opportunities? Mitacs Accelerate internships in Canada offer a unique opportunity to apply your academic knowledge to real-world projects, collaborating with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations that are seeking highly skilled research talent. Here’s everything you need to know about the program.

Program Details

Mitacs Accelerate internships are open to post-secondary students, graduate students, recent graduates, and postdocs in any discipline. These Canadian internships allow you to work on projects that address real-world challenges, spending approximately 50% of your time at your academic institution and 50% with the partner organization. The program is scalable, with internships starting at four months and extending based on your academic level:

  • College students: Up to 3 internships (4-6 months each)
  • Undergraduates and other university students: Up to 3 internships (4-6 months each)
  • Master’s students: Up to 6 internships (4-6 months each)
  • PhD students: Up to 12 internships (4-6 months each)
  • Postdocs: Up to 9 internships (4-6 months each)

Participants are required to submit a final report and exit survey summarizing their project results and experiences. Interns are also expected to adhere to the Mitacs Accelerate Code of Conduct.


The funding structure for Mitacs Accelerate internships is designed to support both the intern and the research project:

  • Partner Contribution: Starts at $7,500 per internship unit (4-6 months), resulting in a $15,000 research award.
  • Stipend/Salary: Interns receive a minimum stipend of $10,000 per four-month period.
  • Cluster Funding: For projects with 6 or more internship units and 3 or more interns, the partner contribution can be $6,000 per internship unit, resulting in a $13,300 research award with a $10,000 minimum stipend.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a Mitacs Accelerate internship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Students and postdocs at Mitacs partner colleges and universities in Canada.
  • Recent graduates (within two years of graduation at the start of the project).
  • Non-degree students (diploma, certificate, etc.) at the academic institution’s discretion.
  • Full-time graduate students in select Mitacs partner countries.
  • Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and international students over the age of 18.
  • All academic disciplines.
  • For-profit and eligible not-for-profit organizations, municipalities, and hospitals in Canada.

How to Apply?

Mitacs has streamlined the application process with a new digital application portal. Here’s how to apply:

Digital Process:

    • Ensure your project meets the criteria for digital application.
    • Download the Accelerate application for the digital process.
    • Apply on the Accelerate Registration and Application Portal (RAP).

Non-Digital Process:

    • Download the Accelerate application for the non-digital process.
    • Collect all required signatures (interns, professors, partner contact, and university Office of Research Services).
    • Email your proposal package to your Mitacs Advisor.

Proposals of Mitcas Accelerate Program undergo a peer review process that takes approximately six to eight weeks as per this call letter ( If approved, Mitacs forwards the research award to the academic institution upon receipt of the partner contribution for Mitcas international internship program (

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