Moving to Canada? Take Immigration Course Canadian Welcome Guide

For individuals aiming to start a new chapter in Quebec, Canada, especially job seekers, understanding the pathway to immigration and the resources available to facilitate integration is crucial. This guide provides a concise overview of essential steps and resources to help you navigate the process efficiently.

Canadian Welcome Guide: A Primer for Newcomers

What It Is: An online resource offered by the Welcome Collective, designed to assist refugees and refugee claimants settling in Montreal, Quebec. It encompasses a broad range of topics from school registration to French classes and immigration advice​ (Ref

Key Immigration Programs for Job Seekers

Skilled Workers Program: Targets individuals whose skills match Quebec’s labor market needs. Candidates should apply via the Arrima portal and await an invitation for permanent selection​.

Permanent Immigration Pilot Programs: Focuses on sectors with labor shortages, including food processing, healthcare (orderlies), and tech (AI, IT, visual effects). Eligible workers in these fields can find a streamlined path to permanent residency​.

Program for Refugees Abroad (Collective Sponsorship): Allows groups in Quebec to sponsor refugees. It’s a humanitarian initiative with specific application windows and requirements​.

Application and Eligibility

  • Criteria: Varies by program but generally includes work experience, French language proficiency, educational background, and financial self-sufficiency.
  • Process: Primarily online through the Arrima portal, where candidates submit an expression of interest, followed by an application for permanent selection upon invitation​.

Additional Supports:

Beyond the Welcome Guide, Quebec provides French language training, integration services, and employment assistance to help newcomers adapt and succeed in their new environment.

Where to Take Part in it?

For those seeking opportunities in Quebec, the Welcome Guide and the province’s immigration programs are invaluable resources. They offer a roadmap for navigating the immigration process and integrating into Quebec’s vibrant society. By understanding these tools and resources, job seekers can position themselves for a successful transition to life and work in Quebec.

For more detailed information, visit the Welcome Collective for the Welcome Guide and Immigration Québec for immigration programs and resources

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