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Officer Jobs in Australian Police 2023 With Eligibility, Qualification Requirements

I wrote this article to provide detailed information on what it takes to be a Police Officer in Australia such as eligibility & qualification requirements, duties & responsibilities, salary benefits & application procedures with currently open job positions in 2023 as per ASF recruitment.

Lets Discuss Responsibilities of a Police Officer Job in Australia

If you become a Police officer in Australia then you will actually be responsible for enforcement of law & order by immediately responding to criminal activities and take measures to stop possible illegal activities and if that happens then you would also be arresting criminals to present them in judicial courts.

I must also mention that Police jobs are very much demanding with full of responsibilities so if you be a police officer in Australia then you will also be fulfilling your duties in night, evening, and day shifts whereas traveling in some case would also be needed (Ref

As a police officer in Australian force your job responsibilities would also extend to study, investigate, and make a case against what’s found to be illegal and for that purpose you may be interviewing suspected prospects.

Salary Packages of Police Officers in Australia

I know you must be super curious to find out how much salary is paid to police officers in Australia so for that i have to refer you to AFP enterprise agreement where complete salary structure and allowance package details for a Police officer is mentioned.

With your salary you can expect to receive around annual salary increment of around 22% with enrollment in law enforcement training courses, intelligence assessments, driving and similar courses for free.

Lets Discover Eligibility criteria for Police Officer Jobs in Australia

If your age is above 18 years and you have successfully completed vocational diploma education, or 10-12 years of certificate education with at least 2 years of work experience then you would stand eligible to apply for Police jobs in Australia.

There are some additional qualification requirements as well to become an Australian police officer such as you would be required to have valid Australian driving license (Learner license also accepted), certification in CPR & first aid, and your swimming proficiency proof that you can swim for 100 meters in freestyle (Ref AFP AU).

With these basic requirements you will also need to complete ESQ test online, have to provide your Australian citizenship proof, copy of your Australian driving license, traffic history document, copies of your highest degree attainted and you will also be required to clear physical fitness and health criteria specified for recruitment in Australian police (Ref Physical requirements).

How Can You Apply for Police Jobs in Australia?

I am going to conclude this article by answering this question so then you can get on work and start completing your documentation for submitting your complete job application for officer jobs in Australian police department. I found around 37 new job openings at Australian police department at time of writing this article and if you are interested to apply then you can create a free account on Australian Police HR page and submit job application for suitable police jobs.

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