Oxford-Pershing Square Graduate Scholarships 2024

This article talks about the Oxford-Pershing Square Graduate Scholarships 2024 which is offering students full funding for a combined Master’s and MBA program at Oxford, designed to develop leaders committed to solving global social challenges. We detail the scholarship’s benefits, application process, and unique opportunities, guiding aspiring change-makers on how to apply and seize this transformative educational experience.

About the Pershing Square Foundation

The foundation, with its £7.8m endowment, partners with the University of Oxford, contributing an additional £5.2m to support the scholarships. It focuses on nurturing leaders and organizations committed to tackling social issues.

The Oxford-Pershing Square Graduate Scholarships offer a transformative opportunity for students who aspire to make a substantial impact in addressing global social challenges. Launched in 2014, these scholarships are designed to support exceptional individuals through a unique educational journey at the University of Oxford.

Full Funding for Dual Degrees: Pershing Square Scholarship 2024

The scholarship offers up to six full awards, covering both the Master’s and the MBA degrees under the 1+1 MBA format. This arrangement allows scholars to combine any of the partnering Master’s programmes with Oxford’s prestigious MBA.

Benefits Beyond Tuition: Scholars gain access to exclusive opportunities like:

  • Attendance at prestigious conferences.
  • Participation in termly events and a vibrant scholar community.
  • A spring ‘trek’ to New York, hosted by the Pershing Square Foundation.
  • Mentorship opportunities with influential leaders and organizations.

Scholarship Value: Each scholarship covers:

  • Course fees for both the Master’s degree and MBA programme.
  • A living costs grant of at least £17,668 per year for the duration of the studies.

Who Are The Ideal Candidates?

Recipients are individuals with the potential and commitment to devise scalable and sustainable solutions to major world-scale social challenges.

Eligibility Criteria: Priority will be given to:

  • New applicants to the Oxford 1+1 MBA programme.
  • Applicants to a full-time one-year Master’s course not part of the 1+1 MBA partnering programmes, alongside a separate MBA application.
  • Current students moving into their MBA year who were previously waitlisted or re-evaluated.

Selection Criteria: Candidates are evaluated based on:

  • Academic achievements, including degree results and standardized test scores.
  • Demonstrated leadership potential and motivation.
  • Personal integrity and strong character.
  • Commitment to addressing significant social challenges.
  • Vision for utilizing the Oxford 1+1 MBA for their objectives.

Can You Apply Now?

Candidates must:

  • Submit a complete application for both courses
  • Include a scholarship essay in the ‘Funding’ section of the 1+1 MBA programme or partner programme application.
  • Respond to the essay question: “How do you intend to change the world and what does this tell us about you as a person?” in no more than 500 words.

Application Deadline:

The deadline to apply for the Oxford 1+1 MBA program is set for 5 January 2024. However, if you’re interested in the Master’s programs that partner with the MBA, be aware that their deadlines may differ, typically falling in December or January. It’s important to check the specific deadlines for each Master’s program you’re considering.

Selection Timeline: Shortlisting occurs in early April and interviews will be conducted in late April or early May.

How Oxford Pershing Will be Enriching Scholarship Experience?

Co-Curricular Activities: Scholars engage in activities like:

  • Speaking at global forums such as the Oxford Africa Business Forum.
  • Attending prestigious events like the Ditchley Conferences.
  • Networking and career events, and termly lunches with the MBA Director.

Mentorship: The scholarship offers mentorship from:

  • The Oxford-Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship Advisory Board.
  • Faculty members.
  • Alumni and members of the broader Oxford community.

The New York Trek: An educational trip to New York, providing insights and interactions with leading innovators and changemakers.

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