Poland Recruitment Agencies Hiring for Skill Shortage Jobs With Work VISA in 2024

As we step into 2024, Poland stands out as a land of promise for international job seekers. The country’s thriving economy beckons fresh graduates, experienced professionals, qualified graduates, skilled workers, and tradesmen alike. Offering more than just job opportunities, Poland provides a gateway to a rich cultural experience and a high quality of life. In this landscape, staffing agencies are the unsung heroes, aiding candidates in securing not only job positions but also guiding them through the complexities of work visa applications and immigration processes.

Identifying Skill Shortage Jobs in Poland in 2024

  1. Research and Identify Sectors in Demand: Begin by researching the Polish job market to identify sectors with a skill shortage. Websites like EURES or local Polish employment services can be valuable resources.
  2. Consult with Staffing Agencies: Contact agencies like EWL International, Michael Page, or IWA International. Discuss with them the current market trends and opportunities in fields with skill shortages.
  3. Select Suitable Job Opportunities: Based on the agency’s feedback and your own research, choose job roles that align with your skills and the market demand

Applying for Jobs in Poland through Staffing Agencies

  1. Resume and Cover Letter Submission: Provide your updated job Europass format resume and a cover letter tailored to the Polish job market and the staffing agency can help refine these documents.
  2. Job Application Process: Work with your chosen agency to apply for the identified positions. They will guide you through the application process, including preparing for interviews.

Which Recruitment Agencies Offer Jobs in Poland in 2024?

If you want to apply for skill shortage jobs in Poland then following are the most reliable recruitment agencies that can help you find jobs and apply for jobs and Polish work visa in 2024:

1# EWL International Recruitment Agency

    • Specialization: Assists international candidates in sectors like production, logistics, automotive, and technical fields.
    • Visa Support: Provides comprehensive work visa sponsorship and application assistance.

2# Michael Page Recruitment Agency

    • Specialization: Offers a wide range of skilled positions across industries such as IT, finance, engineering, and sales.
    • Visa Support: Experienced in placing international candidates with guidance on work visa processes.

3# IWA International

    • Specialization: Focuses on employment solutions for skilled professionals in Europe, including Poland.
    • Visa Support: Well-versed in visa and work permit procedures, offering dedicated support.

4# dotLinkers

    • Specialization: IT recruitment for startups and software companies.
    • Visa Support: Provides guidance for IT professionals, though direct visa application assistance may vary.


    • Specialization: Boutique agency with strong ties in the IT sector and Polish tech companies.
    • Visa Support: Offers resources for navigating work permit requirements, with less emphasis on direct visa assistance.

Application Procedure Would Be Like:

Agency Selection: Research and contact reputable agencies, considering their field expertise, visa assistance, and client reviews.

Job Search

    • Provide your resume and cover letter for assessment and job matching.
    • Review job postings and prepare for interviews with the agency’s guidance.

Work Visa Preparation

    • Undergo a visa eligibility assessment.
    • Gather necessary documents, including passport, educational certificates, and employment contracts.
    • Receive assistance with the visa application process, including document translation and fee payment.

Visa Interview (if applicable): Prepare and attend the interview, following the agency’s tips and guidance.

Visa Decision: Await the visa decision, with the agency guiding you through the next steps upon approval or denial.

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