Scholarships With Deadlines in February 2024

February 2024 isn’t just another page on the calendar; it’s a beacon for aspiring students worldwide seeking to unlock the doors to global education through scholarships. This crucial month stands as a launching pad for international students aiming for Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. admissions, offering a plethora of scholarships that come to a close. Imagine the possibility of studying in renowned universities across the globe—from the innovation centers of Asia to the academic havens of Europe and the United States.

Each scholarship listed for the February 2024 deadline is more than financial aid; it’s a ticket to new experiences, cultures, and groundbreaking research opportunities. Whether you’re an engineer in the making, a future tech innovator, or a social scientist, this is your moment. Dive into this curated guide to find the scholarship that resonates with your academic dreams and professional aspirations.

This comprehensive guide highlights 27 scholarships closing their application windows in February 2024, catering to a diverse range of disciplines, interests, and career goals.

Fully Funded Scholarships With Application Deadline in February 2024

Following are the Top 27 fully funded scholarships that have application deadlined in February 2024:

  1. Turkey Government Scholarship – Deadline: February 20, 2024 – A gateway to study BS, MS, and PhD in Turkey, covering tuition, accommodation, and more, for students worldwide.
  2. Global Women Leadership Program in USADeadline: February 15, 2024 – Empowers female leaders through leadership development programs in the U.S.
  3. HZDR Summer Student Program 2024, GermanyDeadline: February 23, 2024 Offers research projects in physics, chemistry, and other sciences at HZDR, Germany.
  4. Japan Airline JAL Scholarship Deadline: February 7, 2024 A cultural exchange scholarship for students to explore Japanese culture.
  5. KNB Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students Deadline: February 23, 2024 A scholarship for students from developing countries to study in Indonesia.
  6. Woods Hole Summer Student Fellowship 2024, USADeadline: February 5, 2024 Supports independent research in oceanography and marine policy in the USA.
  7. China Studies Program (CSP) Ph.D. FellowshipsDeadline: February 28, 2024 For doctoral research in China Studies, enhancing understanding of Chinese society.
  8. SDU Danish Government Scholarship – Interviews Announced: February 2024 Offers full scholarships for non-EU students at the University of Southern Denmark.
  9. Chongqing University ScholarshipsDeadline: February 20, 2024 Provides scholarships for international students in various programs in China.
  10. Euro-Asian Master Scholarship in Medical Technology and Healthcare BusinessDeadline: February 16, 2024 A unique opportunity for students interested in healthcare technology and business.
  11. Fulbright Degree Program Scholarships 2025 for Pakistani Students Deadline: February 28, 2024 Offers Pakistani students the chance to pursue a full degree in the USA.
  12. Jiangsu University CSC Scholarships – Deadline: February 28, 2024 A scholarship for international students to study in China.
  13. Karolinska Institute Scholarships 2024 in SwedenDeadline: February 28, 2024 For students to engage in health and life sciences research in Sweden.
  14. UNESCO World Heritage Residence Scholarship in SwedenDeadline: February 28, 2024 Offers a unique experience in studying and preserving world heritage.
  15. KOICA Scholarship Program in South KoreaDeadline: February 28, 2024 A development-related scholarship for students from partner countries.
  16. Hasselt University ICP Connect Scholarships in BelgiumDeadline: February 1, 2024 Supports international students pursuing a master’s degree in Belgium.
  17. Obama Foundation Leaders Program – Deadline: February 9, 2024 A leadership development program for emerging leaders around the world.
  18. Leuven Scholarship @University of MasseyDeadline: February 15, 2024 Offers research scholarships for master’s students in New Zealand.
  19. Berlin School of Economics PhD Scholarships – Deadline: February 11, 2024 Supports doctoral studies in economics in Berlin, Germany.
  20. Deutsche Welle (DW) Akademie Masters Scholarships – Deadline: February 28, 2024 For students pursuing a career in international media.
  21. Hohai University Scholarships Deadline: February 20, 2024 Offers scholarships for various disciplines in China.
  22. Illinois Wesleyan University Merit & Presidential Scholarship – Deadline: February 15, 2024 For international students displaying outstanding academic achievement.
  23. Deakin University HDR Scholarships 2024 for International StudentsDeadline: February 22, 2024 Supports postgraduate research in Australia with a focus on innovation.
  24. East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) Scholarships – Deadline: February 29, 2024 Provides scholarships for study in science and technology fields in China.
  25. China University of Mining and Technology Scholarships – Deadline: February 25, 2024 Offers scholarships for engineering and technology programs.
  26. HIT Shenzhen University ScholarshipsDeadline: February 15, 2024 Provides scholarships in technology and innovation fields in China.
  27. Government of Brunei Darussalam Scholarship Deadline: February 15, 2024 A fully-funded scholarship for undergraduate and postgraduate study in Brunei.

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