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SLINGSHOT $200,000 Startup Competition in Singapore – Participate Online

If you have an innovative idea, technology, or IT/AI solution then you can be eligible to win a massive $200k prize money to launch your startup in Singapore through SLINGSHOT startup competition in 2023 and you will be amazed to know that SLINGSHOT competition will actually be giving away $1.2 million worth of prizes, collaborations, and startup facilities to top competitors in any of these 5 areas:

  1. Energy, environment, and green technologies
  2. Biomedical and healthcare
  3. Services, consumer media, and goods
  4. Digital tech (Transformative)
  5. Telecom, trade, and manufacturing

Prize Money of SLINGSHOT Competition 2023

Now lets take a close look at SLINGSHOT competition prize money for all top performers so the winner of this competition would be entitled to get S$200k with free workspace for 18 months at launchpad, whereas 1st runners up of SLINGSHOT competition will receive S$150k with 12 months of free workspace at launchpad, and the third runner of SG competition will get workspace at launchpad for 6 months with S$100k in funding.

Procedure of Participation in SLINGSHOT 2023

You can participate in SG competition if your startup can make impact on global level and have minimum viable product (MVP) and that technology legally belongs to you; so if you are ascertained of this then you can submit your entry to SLINGSHOT before July 17, 2023 and then SLINGSHOT staff will notify top 250 participants to get their Singaporean visa on September 18, 2023 and later on these top 250 selectees will fly to Singapore between October 25-27, 2023 to participate in this competition.

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