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Switzerland Skill Shortage JOBS 2023 With Free Swiss Work VISA

Information on High Demand Jobs in Switzerland 2023

I think you will be very happy to work in one of the most wealthiest countries in Europe where salaries are high with outstanding educational, life, medical, and living standards; and you will be blown away by knowing this fact that in Switzerland one out of every 6 people owns assets of over US$1 million which actually depicts Switzerland as one of the richest European countries (Source gfmag).

You will be excited to know that the skill shortage jobs are now available in almost all cities of Switzerland including Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, interlaken, winterthur, Lucerne and Lugano. And this is why i researched on available job options in Switzerland for overseas job seekers to write this article for making it easy for you to find jobs in Switzerland and how you can apply for Switzerland work visa in 2023.

How much can you earn in Switzerland per annum?

Let me start by telling you that if you can make anything about 8500 CHF per month salary (after tax deductions) in Switzerland then that means you will be able to live very comfortable and good quality life in Switzerland (Source Swiss federal statistics office).

So when you make your decision to search for a job in Switzerland then you can actually take CHF 8500 as a reference salary which is considered good and enough to live there and i guess now this information will also help you to only apply for Swiss jobs which are offering salaries around this quoted number.

List of Skill Shortage jobs in Switzerland in 2023

As per recent analysis by Adecco group in collaboration with University of Zurich, and (SMM) Switzerland job market monitor Switzerland was also among those countries where depletion of skilled workers for certain occupations was on rise in last two years.

Some specific job occupations are now very difficult to fill which is why Switzerland government relaxed their immigration rules so that their companies and departments can hire international skilled workers for skill shortage professions in 2023 Source (Adecco group, University of Zurich, SMM).

  1. Medical Sector Jobs in Switzerland

I think you can easily recall global situation we all witnessed after 2020 and Switzerland was no exception to it that is why recruitment of healthcare staff such as nursing, pharmacists, surgeons, doctors and anesthesiologists is still on a roll and these professions are now also comes under skill shortage occupations in Switzerland. So, if you got specialization in any of these occupations then i recommend you to please apply for healthcare sector jobs in Switzerland.

2. IT professionals, Software developers, and Software Analysts Jobs

Now i would like to give this good news to my job seeking readers who belongs to IT fields to submit their resume for IT related skill shortage jobs in Switzerland in 2023. I crosschecked from various sources that Switzerland is facing skill shortage IT fields as well and for that reason they are hiring IT experts, software engineers, software developers and testing engineers, and experienced IT professionals and providing them with fast track swiss work visas.

3. Construction Workers Jobs in Switzerland

I was thrilled to find that construction related occupations are also among skill shortage job occupations in Switzerland in 2023 which eventually means that doors to find jobs in Switzerland for skilled construction workers are now open and the most in demand construction jobs in Switzerland are civil engineers, architects, surveyors, draftsmen, structural engineers, and laborers.

Applying for Switzerland Work VISA in 2023

If you got lucky and received a job offer letter from any Swiss company or government department then your next step is to apply for Switzerland national visa (D-type work VISA for Switzerland). This D type Switzerland work visa is known as long term work visa through which international skilled workers are allowed to live in Switzerland for work purpose and this visa will be stamped on your passport only if you have a valid job offer from Swiss company while your employer in Switzerland also apply for your residence permit on your behalf.

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