Titech Japan Scholarships 2024 (Jasso and MEXT Scholarship)


The MEXT and Jasso Scholarship 2024 at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech/Titech) offers international students exceptional benefits, including a full tuition waiver, exemption from application and admission fees, round-trip airfare to Japan, and a generous monthly stipend (JPY 147,000 for master’s students and JPY148,000 for doctoral students). This Japanese scholarship not only covers significant financial aspects of studying abroad but also provides a unique opportunity to immerse in Japan’s rich culture and advanced academic environment.

So are you dreaming of advancing your education in Japan? The Titech MEXT Scholarship 2024 at the Tokyo Institute of Technology offers a golden opportunity for international students to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees in Japan. This fully funded scholarship is designed to open doors for academic and cultural exploration in one of the world’s most technologically advanced countries.

Coverage of Titech Scholarships

The Titech MEXT Scholarship is not just about academic excellence; it’s a ticket to a holistic educational experience:

  • Full tuition waiver, enabling scholars to study free in Japan.
  • Exemption from application and admission fees.
  • Round trip airfare tickets.
  • Monthly stipends of JPY 147,000 for graduate students and JPY 148,000 for doctorate students.
  • An immersive cultural experience with opportunities to learn the Japanese language​​.

Checking Eligibility Criteria for Titech Scholarship

To be eligible for any of Jasso or MEXT scholarship offered at Titect Japan in 2024:

  • Applicants must be from a country with diplomatic relations with Japan (excluding Japanese nationals).
  • A minimum GPA of 2.30 out of 3.00 in the last degree program.
  • Age limit: 34 years or younger as of April 1 of the scholarship year.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Good physical and mental health.
  • Ability to arrive in Japan within two weeks of the program’s start date in late September 2024.
  • Commitment to fostering mutual understanding between their home country and Japan​​.

Subjects Offered on Titech Scholarships in Japan

Hey students, dive into Tokyo Tech’s diverse academic world! Here’s a quick tour of what you can study:

  • School of Science: Get your geek on in Physics, Chemistry, or Earth and Planetary Sciences.
  • School of Engineering: Build the future with courses in Civil, Mechanical, or Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
  • School of Materials and Chemical Technology: Explore the building blocks of innovation in Materials Science and Chemical Engineering.
  • School of Computing: Enter the digital realm with Computer Science and Mathematical and Computing Science.
  • School of Life Science and Technology: Unravel life’s codes in Biology and Biological Information.
  • School of Environment and Society: Blend in with studies on Environmental Science, Architecture, or dive into the dynamics of Social and Human Sciences.

Each school at Tokyo Tech is a gateway to in-depth courses, cutting-edge research, and training that’s designed to gear you up for a world of opportunities.

Step by step process of application for Titech Scholarship

The journey to securing the Titech MEXT Scholarship involves several steps:

  1. Get familiar with application process and subject-specific criteria for Titech scholarship
  2. Identify suitable degree programs, research fields, and academic supervisors (Try obtaining acceptance letter).
  3. Ensure eligibility for both the International Graduate Program and the scholarship.
  4. Send a consent letter/email to the chosen academic supervisor and the admissions division.
  5. Access the online application system using credentials provided by the admissions division.
  6. Complete the Titech scholarships (MEXT/JASSO) online application form and submit necessary documents.
  7. Await confirmation of receipt and further communication regarding interviews or examinations.
  8. Submit the consent letter/email and scholarship application by the respective deadlines: November 29, 2023, for the Titech MEXT Scholarship and December 6, 2023, for the MEXT scholarship​​.

Application Deadline

As you prepare to apply for your next academic venture at Titech on any of their JASSO or MEXT 2024 scholarship please remember these key dates for the application process. Start your application online now and make sure to have your consent letter ready by November 29, 2023. The final deadline for submitting your application is December 6, 2023. After application submission, you can expect to hear the results by March 4, 2024.

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