Unclaimed Scholarships 2023 for International Students

As you all know Quality Education is expensive but there are always some options available to talented students to get that education for free by winning a fully funded scholarship and now the question is how come you will know which of those scholarship options are still unclaimed in 2023 so you can submit your application. So this is why i actually wrote this well researched article about unclaimed scholarships of 2023 for which you can prepare yourself to submit your complete application documents in order to get selected for their next batch.

Are You Ready to Apply for Upcoming Scholarships?

But before i unveil those upcoming unclaimed scholarships of 2023 i would like you to first arrange your documents and make sure you got everything ready for scholarship application material otherwise there will be no point in submitting incomplete applications because the competition would be high so there will be no chance if any mistake in documentation is made.

All international students need to focus on this fact that if you are going to study in a foreign country so in that case the courses there will be offered in two possible languages such as English and native language of that country; therefore, as an international student you would be required to provide language proficiency certificate in either of these languages so you will then be eligible for admission so you can take English language tests such as TOEFL, Academic IELTS, PTE, Duolingo, Cambridge English tests, CanTEST, and CAE.

While applying for a scholarship online i also recommend my students to please have scanned copies of all of their degree’s, transcripts, recommendation letters, award letters, study plan, motivation letter, research proposals, publications list, passport, and photo. So, if you have all of these documents are ready then i think you will be all set to apply for upcoming fully funded scholarships online and i guess you will have good chances of selection if your documents are in order and you have proposed a novel research proposal and keen interest in degree program.

List of Unclaimed Scholarships of 2023

1- Chinese University and Provincial Gov Scholarships (No IELTS, No Application Fees)

I listed Chinese scholarships on top of my list because there are some untapped and unclaimed Chinese government and Chinese Universities scholarships in 2023 which you can actually avail and get full funding for your next degree program and you will be excited to know that these China scholarships will also be paying you stipend money on monthly basis to study there with free accommodation and research work expenses.

Now, let me provide you with some of those Chinese scholarships references so you can check your subject options and then apply directly for Jiangsu university scholarships, Zhengzhou University scholarships, BIT Beijing Scholarships, East China normal university scholarships, Zhejiang University scholarships, and XJTU scholarships for undergrad admissions.

2- German Government Scholarships (No Application Fees)

I know many of you are now excited to know details of these German government scholarships so let me tell you that most of these scholarships are offered for post-doctoral, doctoral, and master degree applicants whereas the German scholarships for bachelors degree are quite a few. You might also know this fact that education is totally free in Germany so even if you do not get a scholarship even then you can get admission at any German university for free but you will have to pay for your living and accommodation and for that you might be asked to open a blocked bank account in Germany.

So now if you want to know which of the German government scholarships are still unclaimed for 2023 academic year then as per my research at the time of writing this article i found 180+ unclaimed German government DAAD scholarships on their portal so from there you can filter German scholarships as per your subject, degree level, and country.

3- US Fulbright Scholarships for Students & Teachers (No Application Fees)

If you want to apply for this American Fulbright scholarship then i think you actually need to hurry because just a few days are now remaining before they will stop receiving applications and also those students who wish to study master degree in USA can apply for Fulbright scholarship whereas fulbright foreign language teaching assistant scholarships will also be awarded in 2023.

4- Chevening Scholarships of UK (No Application Fees)

This one is very important because i think everybody wants to study at the Universities of UK because most of those British universities are very highly ranked and super expensive but thanks to this Chevening scholarship of UK which provide funding to international students for pursing their higher education in UK. I added Chevening scholarship in unclaimed scholarship list of 2023 because they will start accepting online (Free) applications from August 2023 so you still got a few months to get yourself familiar about their document requirements, subject offerings, and application procedure so once this UK scholarship is available then you can submit your application right away.

5- Rhodes Trust Scholarships (No Application Fees)

Lastly i am giving you information about another unclaimed British Rhodes scholarship so to prepare you ahead of time to apply for this opportunity as Rhodes trust will be opening their application window in October 2023 for all international students but Rhodes scholarship eligibility checking portal is still open so they can allow next batch students to check their eligibility and in case if they fail eligibility test then those students can have enough time to get all documents and pass that eligibility test therefore i strongly suggest you to prepare yourself to apply for this unclaimed Rhodes scholarship in 2023.

Zahira Bano

(Associate Editor) Zahira holds a PhD in Cosmetics Surgery and Pharma. She worked with Mashables and some other beauty and wellness blogs. She is also a well-known personality and educationist and has a large number of social following. She also writes on the female empowerment motivational topics in her leisure time. She is also a scholarship winner and mentor for students looking for studying abroad opportunities.

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