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USA Jobs With Residence Permit 2023 for International Applicants

American Jobs for International Workers With Residence Permit

Jobs in USA for International Candidates 2023 – The United States of America is famous for its ‘American dream’ and if you want to live it, you can start by looking for career opportunities in the USA. Companies and businesses are offering positions in multiple sectors with numerous perks. If you are curious about the requirements and average salaries of these jobs in America, you have come to the right place so read on to find out more.

1# Jobs in US Universities:

Working environment at Universities of America is acknowledged worldwide; so, if you’re interested in a university profession in America, you can apply to be a associate professor, researcher/scholar or a program coordinator.

The job requirements for a associate professor are a doctorate in related field with successful record of research and teaching along with 5 years relevant experience (minimum). Whereas, researchers job position need a bachelors degree and 2 years of experience. To become a program coordinator, you need a bachelors degree with 2 years experience with management systems, proficiency in Adobe, MS Office and structure software coupled with certifications/licenses for knowledge or skills. The average pay of a associate professor in US is $87k-$330k annually, research coordinators can earn $48k-85k per year and Program coordinators have a $55k-$89k pay scale yearly.

So now to answer a million dollar question here that where to find these education jobs then here is the answer; University of Utah, Rutgers University, and Florida international university are some top American universities looking to hire foreigners. You can also opt for fully-funded US Scholarships to enter US for studies and start working there as a part time student and with that you will also be receiving monthly stipend money.

2# Jobs in US Engineering Firms:

As an engineering graduate, you can take your pick from US firms that are offering jobs for computer hardware engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, chemical engineers, petroleum engineers etc.

Computer hardware engineers are required to have BS in electrical/ computer engineering with 2 years + experience working in hardware design. Mechanical and civil engineers need a BS in relevant field with minimum 5 years of experience besides licensing and efficiency in Auto CAD, Revit and RISA 3-D. For petroleum engineers, BS in related field, work experience in the petroleum industry and knowledge of engineering techniques/technology is required. Moreover, industrial knowledge and market conditions awareness is a must.

The average salary of computer hardware engineers $130k yearly and mechanical and civil engineers can make around $75351 and $88216 per year respectively. Petroleum engineers have an average pay of $119023 annually. The top engineering firms of USA for searching job positions are AECOM, Stantec, Vanderwell engineers and Jensen Hughes.

3# Jobs in US Hospitals & Healthcare:

If you want to explore your options in the Healthcare setup of the USA, hospitals have vacancies for paramedics, registered nurses, OB/GYN faculty and medical assistants.

To become a Paramedic, you need a paramedic diploma/course with license to work. Experience and certifications of ACLS/BLS are also required. For registered nurses, requirements would be registration as a Nurse, ACLS certification along with critical care and acute care nursing experiences. OB/GYN faculty jobs are required to have a medical license, ACOG board certification with medical knowledge and communication skills while medical assistants should have a diploma or GED equivalent with computer system skills and current enrollment in a diploma or associate degree program.

Paramedics can earn around $42k-$52k per year while registered nurses make $82,000 on annually in USA. The average salary of OB/GYN professors peak around $85000- $187000 yearly. Medical assistants earn $38590 on an per year.

The most preferred hospitals for jobs in America are the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in NY, Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins Hospital, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA,  and the Cleveland clinic.

4# Jobs in US Banking Niche:

If you are considering a job in the banking sector, millions of opportunities are present in America. Job positions of accountants, financial analysts, bank managers, banking IT staff, and relationship managers are most in demand.

If you are wondering about the banking job requirement of these jobs in America, they are mentioned as follows: Accountants mostly are required to have a bachelors degree but a master degree can add weight to your resume along with CPA certification. To become a financial analyst you need a BS in finance and accounting and CFA certification. The job requirements of relationship managers are bachelors in business management or administration, 6 months to 1 year experience in sales and cash handling along with financial services exposure and knowledge. Relationship managers earn about $34k-$67k annually while accountants have a pay of $73283 per year. The average salary of a financial analyst was recorded to be $81730 last year in US.

Top banks to look for jobs in America are the Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo.

5# Jobs in US Hotels:

You can start your search for jobs in hotels through this article where we highlight some top American hotel jobs. If you want to be a front desk agent, Hotel lobby ambassador, dishwasher or a cook, below is all information on job requirement and average salaries.

Hotel lobby ambassadors needs a diploma/GED equivalent with experience in the service community with a valid ID and drivers license. For Dishwashers, skills and abilities of operating dish washing machines and related kitchen equipment besides excellent physical stamina and communication skills are needed. Hotel Front desk agents are required to have a diploma/GED equivalent with computer skills and compliance with hotel rules and regulations. To get a Cook job, your requirements are at least a high school education with understanding of food preparation and sanitation/regulations of the workplace. The average pay of hotel lobby ambassadors is $29k-$53k yearly while front desk agents can earn $29k-$43k per year in USA and dishwashers have an average pay of $19-$21 / hour and Cooks make $30,000 annually.

Popular hotels for jobs in America to find hoteling jobs are the Hyatt Regency hotel, Hilton hotels and resorts, Sheraton pentagon and Marriott hotel.

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