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Work Permit or Work VISA – Clear Your Confusion

I think this is one of the biggest confusions international job seekers have in 2023 because most of the international workers take Work VISA and Work permit as same thing which is totally wrong! In this article i am going to elaborate major differences between Work VISA and Work permits which are very different documents that are issued for completely different purposes by immigration departments of various countries and you need to be well aware of the difference between Work VISA and Work Permit so you can then apply for the right document.

So, lets not waste time and remove this biggest confusion of your life right now by explaining on the differences and purposes of Work permits and work visas as per updated researched information.

Major Difference Between Work Permit and Work VISA

Now let me guide you about Work VISA which is basically an endorsement stamped on a passport allowing a foreign national to enter a certain country for a specific period of time and leave that country, whereas, work permit is an immigration document that allows an international worker to stay in that country for carrying out specific job with a specific employer.

Now i think this precise definition of work permit and visa needs clear elaboration and for that i am going to explain both of these independently for your better understanding so lets get started:

Purpose of Work VISA

Please also be clear on this if you are traveling to a certain country then to enter that country for the first time for a shorter duration of stay you will be required to apply for a VISA and based on the purpose of your visit you might be granted a type of VISA which is called Work VISA. So bascially, a work VISA for any country would allow you to enter that country for the purpose of starting a job and by showing that VISA at entry port immigration counter of that country you will be allowed to enter there for a short duration of your stay as specified in VISA document.

Purpose of Work Permit

Now if you are wondering why is a work permit different from work VISA then let me clear you on this; Work permit is issued by immigration departments of various countries when an employer requests department for allowing them to hire international workers for a specific job and in that case, a document stamped on the passports of foreign workers is known as work permit which actually allow international workers to stay in that country for a long period of time for the purpose of doing specific job for specific employer as written/specified in work permit document.

The foreign nationals holding that work permit are not allowed to engage in any other jobs, or can not even switch jobs or engage in any other work activities and if the holder of work permit wants to switch a job then legally that person would be required to give up on first work permit, go back to home country, and apply for a new work permit for a new job with a new employer.

So basically, a work permit is a form of residence permit which allow foreigners to live in their country for longer period of time to work for a specfic employer, and also have information on the type of job with duration of stay and then because of this the holder of that work permit can enter/exit that country multiple times as well.

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