British Council Scholarships 2024 Without IELTS for International Students

IELTS is not an easy exam to pass and if you still want to take this exam then please be prepared to pay hundreds of dollars in fees. I do not recommend international students to take IELTS exam if there is availability of other opportunities of international fully funded scholarships without IELTS requirement so why wasting money on IELTS! If your thoughts are same then this article is going to be very useful for you because all British Council scholarships without IELTS requirement are actually unveiled in this post.

Therefore, international students interested to get admission at British Universities now have this opportunity to apply for IELTS exempted British Council scholarships in 2023 for the batch of 2024; where a large number of subjects and degree programmes are offered. With that my suggestion to all international students is to check if your subject/degree is offered at UK universities or not; and if any specific British university is offering your subject/degree then you also need to see if that UK University is approved by UK Government to enroll international students or not.

Can You Really Study in UK Without IELTS?

Let me elaborate on it a bit more since you might not just be applying for British council scholarships, and you might apply for any other British scholarship such as Chevening, Cambridge, or other UK scholarships. So, the first and last thing you need to mark on paper is that the IELTS is not the only English language test accepted in UK since there are some IELTS alternative tests which are also accepted by UK universities for admissions. And if you are now wondering to know the names of those IELTS alternative English language tests then those are PTE, Duolingo, TOEFL, IELTS indicator test, CPE, or CAE.

Now let me give you a precise list of all UK Universities famous for granting admissions to international students without IELTS requirement:

List of 2024 British Council Scholarships Without IELTS

Now as you got familiar with British Universities and IELTS alternative tests accepted in UK; lets discuss British Scholarship options available for international students by British Council and partner Universities for 2024 batch:

1# Great Scholarships funded by Great Britain Campaign

You can apply for a £10,000 Great Scholarship sponsored under Great Britain Campaign run by UK government in exclusive partnership with British council and this UK Scholarship is actually offered all accross wales, Northern Island, England, and Scotland. Which means international students willing to study in any of these regions of UK have such a golden chance to avail of this Great Scholarship program and grab a chance to study in UK for free in upcoming academic batch!

2# Charles Wales Trust Scholarships

This is one of my favorite British scholarship funding because this is offered to artists, researchers, and highly qualified international students from from four countries; India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Burma. I think every student reading this most from any of these above four countries must apply for Charles Wales scholarship and fellowships programs to be able to get a degree from UK for free.

3# Great Scholarships for Climate Change

This is yet another £10,000 funds sponsorship towards tuition fees funding offered jointly by British Council and Great Britain Campaign for international students to study climate change related postgrad courses in British Universities for the class of 2024.

4# Think Big Scholarships by Bristol University

If you ask me which British scholarship without IELTS requirement would i be recommending you then this Think big scholarship sponsored by Bristol University is going to be on top of my recommendation list because this UK Scholarship comes with £3000 funding for living expense (monthly paid), and £6500, £13000, and £26000 funding covering your tuition fees expenditures. In case you are interested in this British think big scholarship then please do not waste time and apply for it asap since its application window will be closing on April 24, 2023 for 2024 batch.

5# Great Scholarships for Justice and Law

This is yet another British council run scholarship in parternship with Great Britain initivative by UK government which promise reward of amount £10,000 by the British ministry of justice for one year postgrad course in any law/justice related subjects.

6# Chevening Scholarships 2024

I added Chevening scholarship in this list because the application window for this fully funded British scholarship will be opening in August 2023 for the class of 2024 where international student applicants would compete to become Chevening Scholars.

You will be glad to know that this Chevening scholarship is considered one of the top paying scholarship program of UK because it covers full educational funding of any master degree subject, flight expenses, accommodation expenses, and provide a monthly disbursement of living allowance to its winners. And the reason behing adding this UK scholarship on my list is to make you ready ahead of its opening so that you can work on becoming eligible to apply for this scholarship and have all your documents ready to stay ahead your competitor students applying for this Cheveing scholarship 2024.

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