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Canadian Jobs for STEM, Healthcare, IT Professionals Announced

As per recent report published by tradingeconomics in August 2023 Canada is facing highest unemployment of around 5.5% but at the same time there are 3 sectors in Canada which are still looking for skilled and qualified workers and providing them with Canadian work visas under express entry and provincial immigration programs.

In this article i am going to uncover those top 3 sectors of Canada where worker shortages are at all time high and this is why if you have required qualifications and work experience in such fields then you can easily get a high paying job in Canada in 2024 and for that you need to start your job search from today.

Do you need work VISA for skill shortage jobs in Canada?

Yes, you definitely need a work visa to start working in Canada but if your profession comes under IRCC’s skill shortage profession list then your work visa application would receive priority and you may also be eligible to apply for a job via express entry or Canadian provincial work immigration programs.

How to become eligible for Canadian work visa?

See if you are choosing to apply for a job for skill shortage profession in Canada via express entry then you have to atleast score over 500 points out of 1000 in order to maximize your chances of selection and on the other hand if you are going to apply for a job via FSWP then minimum eligibility score would be 67/100 and these scores as actually calculated as per your qualification, work experience, and nationality according to the job type you apply for via NOC list.

I also suggest you to please get these documents (bank statement, police clearance letter, resume, passport, experience certificate, and health fitness cert) ready which will be required for online application submission

List of 3 High Demand Job Sectors in Canada for 2024

If you belong from any of these 3 sectors then i will highly recommend you to search for a job in Canada immediately or apply for a job via express entry or provincial work visa program:

  • STEM Professions Jobs in Canada

This is happening for the very first time in Canadian history that IRCC is actually inviting job applications from international job seekers to fill in multiple job positions in STEM industries and sectors of Canada and for this reason IRCC has recently issued a list of all those professions which fall under this STEM job list with NOC number and teer as given below:

Full list of High Demand STEM Jobs in Canada
STEM Job Professions NOC Profession Code Number Profession Categories
Cybersecurity specialists 21220 1
Web designers 21233 1
Software developers and programmers 21232 1
Mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries 21210 1
Computer and information systems managers 20012 0
Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers) 21311 1
Web developers and programmers 21234 1
Computer systems developers and programmers 21230 1
Electrical and electronics engineers 21310 1
Data scientists 21211 1
Database analysts and data administrators 21223 1
Engineering managers 20010 0
Architects 21200 1
Architecture and science managers 20011 0
Land surveyors 21203 1
Information systems specialists 21222 1
Industrial and manufacturing engineers 21321 1
Metallurgical and materials engineers 21322 1
Civil Engineers 21300 1
Urban and land use planners 21202 1
Business systems specialists 21221 1
Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers 41400 1
Landscape Architects 21201 1
Software engineers and designers 21231 1
  • IT sector professions, developers, designers, software testers, and programmers¬†

As in last two years IT sector is fully revolutionized all accross the globe with millions of apps and SAAS softwares and this is why there is an urgent high demand of IT sector professionals, programmers, designers, or software/app/web developers and Canada is at no exception to it (Citation Gfmag) . So, if you have qualifications with work experience in this IT industry then you can easily get paid for over $77k per annum in Canada (Citation adamesbook) and all you need to do is to apply for these IT jobs via Canadian government jobs portal or via express entry.

  • Canadian healthcare sector professions

I was actually stunned to read this news that over 58% of internationally educated healthcare professionals which are called IEHPs such as pathalogists, dentists, nurses, doctors, surgeons are all employed in Canada and most of IEHPs poppulation in Canada is shown in below table:

Total IEHPs Across Canada
Province Population
Ontario 116310
British Columbia 45235
Alberta 42035
Nova Scotia 3195
Prince edward island 475
Other nortern parts Around 605

This study actually confirm this claim of that Canada has employed over 150k+ IEHPs in recent years and still facing medical healthcare professional shortages and i guess this is going to be an opportunity of employment for most of you who got healthcare degrees.

Zahira Bano

(Associate Editor) Zahira holds a PhD in Cosmetics Surgery and Pharma. She worked with Mashables and some other beauty and wellness blogs. She is also a well-known personality and educationist and has a large number of social following. She also writes on the female empowerment motivational topics in her leisure time. She is also a scholarship winner and mentor for students looking for studying abroad opportunities.

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