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Canadian Quebec Immigration Program 2024 With New Jobs Announced

Quebec Canada Immigration Program 2024 - Eligibility, Application Process

Finding a job in Canada is not so difficult because there are thousands of skill shortage jobs available in Canadian provinces which is why Canadian federal and provincial governments keep on announicng new immigration programs with jobs to capture international talent.

If you ask me which of the Canadian immigration programs are most easiest to get then i will recommend you to apply for Quebec immigration programs because these are the easiest Canadian immigration programs to obtain Canadian permanent residence.

You must also need to know that Canadian federal government actually made Quebec province fully autonomous body to provide its own immigration programs as per its own immigration and visa policies and now if you want to find out which of the Quebec immigration programs are available for you to apply then i am going to provide you with that information with application process and fees associated with each of those processes:

1# Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

You can permanently settle in Canadian Quebec province by adopting this route if you apply for a Quebec Regular Skilled Worker program (QSWP) in 2023 because this is one of the easiest immigration options for permanently settling in Canada.

You can check your eligibility based on points based system of QSWP immigration program and to score high in your immigration application you may require experience certification in your field, high academic scores, French/English language proficiency certificate and other proofs, whereas, if you want to submit your QSWP application for consideration then start at Arima portal now and you may need to pay CAD$844 application fees for QSWP immigration program.

2# Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)

I am also recommending you to look at Quebec experience immigration program if your objective is to get permanent residence immigration of Canada because this is one of the fast track Canadian permanent immigration programs and if you ask me about your eligibility for this PEQ program then two requirements are mandatory; first one is to have French language proficiency and second requirement is to have some work experience in Quebec province or have your studies completed from any Quebec based University.

3# Quebec Entrepreneur Immigration Program

This is one of the entrepreneur immigration programs of Canada by utilizing which non-Canadian enterpreneurs can permanently settle down in Canada and Quebec entrepreneurship program (QEP) also requires Québec selection certificate and then an application for permanent residency can be submitted to immigration office.

As per my research there is another major requirement to apply for Quebec entrepreneur immigration program which is to provide evidence of making security deposit of CAD$200k as business insurance, CAD$300k as startup deposit, and to have at least CAD$900k in terms of net assets.

4# Quebec Investor Program

You can obtain permanent residency of Canada by settling in Quebec province as an investor and you can do so if you can make an investment of CAD$1.2 million with Canadian financial intermediary and have your net value of over CAD$2 million to become eligible for Quebec investor immigration option.

5# Quebec Self-Employed Worker Immigration Program

Now as you have read most of my article so as a bonus i am going to give you another insight into another easy immigration program for Canada which is to submit your application for a self employed immigration program of Quebec province and to become eligible for this immigration program you will be required to provide a proof of your net asset value exceeding CAD$100k with a two years of experience in working as a self employed person.

6# Quebec immigration via Validated Job Offer

Basically, Quebec immigration program is an extension of Quebec skilled worker (QSW) program allowing Quebec based employers to hire international skilled workers to work for them in Montreal or outside of Montreal region and their recruitment must be validated by Ministry of Immigration, Francisation and Integration. So, if you get a job offer directly from Quebec based employer then you may stand eligible for a Quebec immigration via validated job offer QSW program.

French Language Proficiency tests Accepted for Quebec Immigration

If you want to stand out among all other Quebec immigration program applicants then i recommend you to start learning French language because Quebec immigration department gives preferences to those skilled workers who have high French language proficiency. Therefore, if you want to know which of the French language tests are accepted by the immigration department of Canadian Quebec province then here is that approved French language tests:

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