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Canadian Study VISA Application Method, Eligibility, and Fees

Whether you win a Canadian scholarship or you get admission in a DLI status Canadian University on self finance basis; in both these cases you will be required to apply for a study visa of Canada whereas for submitting an application you will also be required to pay an application fees of $150/applicant.

Now you might be wondering what is DLI and how would you find out list of Canadian universities that comes under DLI list so for that let me guide you that DLI means Designated learning institutions of Canada from you you have to obtain admission letter, or acceptance letter, or invitation letter for which immigration department can issue you a study permit (Ref Immigration dept).

5 Easy Steps of Application for Canadian Study VISA

So you may think Canadian study visa/permit application procedure would be complex but actually its opposite to it and you only have to go through these following five steps in order to receive decision on your study permit application for Canada in 2023:

  1. Receive invitation/acceptance/admission letter from an approved DLI University in Canada
  2. Register your account on IRCC portal for study visa application filing
  3. Deposit fees of $150 for study visa application or $350 for resumption of your study status in Canada (CIC)
  4. You also have to do medical as per IME conditions for your visa application
  5. Finally you will wait for up to 90 days for normal study visa decision and 20 days for SDS visa decision

What do you need for Study VISA Application for Canada?

Application requirements for Canadian study visa are simple but i think there is this bank statement condition which might become a big stumbling block for most of you so lets first talk about it here.

If you have won a fully funded Canadian scholarship then you might get exemption from providing high wealth bank statement whereas if you are going to self finance your studies in Canada then you will be required to provide bank statement with enough funds on in so that Canadian immigration authority will know that you can easily finance your studies, and live in Canada for total duration of your stay there.

With that you will also be required to provide admission letter issued by any DLI university/college, your IME based medical exam detailed report, passport size photographs (2), bank statement and you will also be required to complete your biometrics at Canadian visa application center in your home country at the time of submitting your application.

Can your dependent spouse/child fly with you to Canada?

I am happy to tell you that you can also submit your spouse visa application or your child (Under 18) visa application as they are allowed to be with you in Canada during the course of your studies on study visa in Canada.

This is also worth mentioning that your spouse would also be able to work in Canada on open work permit and duration of this permit would be same as of your study permit and your spouse can actually find jobs in Canada after getting there.

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