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Top 5 Cheapest Cities to live in Germany

Five Cheapest Cities to Live in Germany

Germany is quite affordable in terms of living as compared to other European countries. But for students, even a small amount of money matters a lot. And it’s usual for all students to save as much money as they can.

In this regard, the place you choose to live plays an important role in terms of your monthly expenses so you must keep into account this fact while choosing a place to reside. For example, if you decide to stay in Munich, you can hardly save the money there as it is the most expensive area in Germany and the costs of living are very high.

So, if you are a student and wanting to study and live in Germany then you need proper guidance about which city is expensive and which is not. In this article, we have listed some of the cities which are cheaper in Germany and you can make affordable living there.

Moreover, it is usual that most of the articles written on this topic consider only rent prices. However, this is not sufficient as you need to know the prices of all other things to make a wise decision. So, to give a detailed overview we have considered the costs of different things in this article.

Following is the verified list of Top 5 inexpensive Cities in Germany to live:

#1 Bielefeld City Germany

It is the city located in the North Rhine-Westphalia and approximately 350,000 citizens. Living here is very affordable as compared to other German cities.

Rent prices are the ones which you have to be concerned about but in Bielefeld, they are not very high. It costs nearly €460 per month for a one-bedroom apartment which is very low. Moreover, with some bargaining or luck, you can also get the apartment at €400 per month. Additionally, you can find the apartments between €200 and €460 per month in the peripheral area.

Bielefeld is also affordable in terms of meal affordability as it has a lot of restaurants that can help you get a meal at a cheap price. For the meal of one person, it costs €10 in the inexpensive restaurant while it may cost €50 for a two-person meal. Furthermore, if you want to have a cup of cappuccino or beer then it may cost you €3.50.

A cup of cappuccino in Bielefeld city will cost you €3.50, and add respectively €2.70 to your payout amount.

Bielefeld VS Berlin City Living Cost Comparison

Items or ServicesBielefeld CityBerlin CityBielfeld vs Berlin
One-bedroom apartment (Periphery)€400€650-39%
One-bedroom apartment (City Center)€466€860-46%
Local Transport Ticket€2.70€2.80-4%
Taxi Fare (1km)€2€20
Fitness Membership€30€25+19%
Restaurant Meal (1 person)€10€8+25%

#2 Frankfurt (Oder) City Germany

Frankfurt city is located near the Polish border in East Germany. It has the Oder River flowing through it. According to the recent stats more than 60,000 people live in this city which has only 150 kilometers square area.

Frankfurt is a very affordable city because a one-bedroom apartment in the city costs €460 per month and is cheaper in nearby areas such as €325 per month only. Furthermore, the three-bedroom apartment costs €1,250 in the city which is more cheaper if you go to the peripheral area and that is €400 to €1,400. So, as compared to Berlin it is 40% cheaper.

Utilities cost in Frankfurt are also affordable but also depends upon your usage. On average it takes €410 per month to pay for bills. But you reduce the usage of electricity and water then utility prices can be reduced to €225. Additionally, Frankfurt also has cheap restaurants as a single meal for one person can cost €8. Furthermore, if you want to have a beer then it would add €3.10 for domestic beer and for imported beer it would add €2.85.

Frankfurt VS Berlin City Living Cost Comparison

Items or ServicesFrankfurt(Oder)BerlinFrankfurt(Oder) vs Berlin
One-bedroom apartment (Periphery)€327€650-50%
One-bedroom apartment (City Center)€466€864-46%
Local Transport Ticket€1.70€2.80-39%
Taxi Fare (1km)€6€2+200%
Fitness Membership€25€250
Restaurant Meal (1 person)€8€80

#3 Halle City Germany

The Halle City is located in central Germany covering 135 kilometers square area. It has around 240,000 citizens. The city is very affordable and has a unique renaissance. One-bedroom apartments in the city cost €350 monthly. However, the same apartment can be rented in €200 in the suburban area. Additionally, the larger apartments are expensive which will cost you around €710 on average in the city but it will cost only €470 in the periphery. In comparison to this, apartment rent in Berlin is higher by 130%. When it comes to utility bills it can cost you between €85 and €340 which means that you may have to pay an additional €195 for utilities per month.

In terms of meal affordability, the city is cheap. On average, having a meal at an inexpensive restaurant will cost you about €10 for a single person. Additionally, if you want to have a beer it will cost you €3.50 and €2,70 for the cup of cappuccino.

Halle VS Berlin City Living Cost Comparison

Items or ServicesHalleBerlin Halle vs Berlin
One-bedroom apartment (Periphery)€305€650-53%
One-bedroom apartment (City Center)€355€865-59%
Local Transport Ticket€2.30€2.80-18%
Taxi Fare (1km)€2€20
Fitness Membership€27€25+9%
Restaurant Meal (1 person)€10€8+25%

#4 Krefeld City Germany

It is the city near Dusseldorf in the North Rhine-Westphalia state. According to the new stats, the city has a population of 230,000 in the area of 137 kilometers square. It is an affordable city in which the one-bedroom apartment in the city costs €450 per month. However, it may cost you even smaller in the peripheral area. Additionally, it costs €400 for one-bedroom in place outside the city.

Moreover, if you are in the need for more space then you have to rent a large peppermint but it will cost you more. As average rent of three-bedroom apartment costs around €760 ranging within €400 and €1,100. The utilities cost around €170 per month but if you manage the usage of electricity and other things then you can save money. Usually, the costs of utilities range in between €50 and €250.

Krefeld VS Berlin City Living Cost Comparison

Items or ServicesKrefeldBerlinKrefeld vs Berlin
One-bedroom apartment (Periphery)€400€650-39%
One-bedroom apartment (City Center)€450€860-47%
Local Transport Ticket€2.70€2.80-4%
Taxi Fare (1km)€2€20
Fitness Membership€26€25+4%
Restaurant Meal (1 person)€10€8+25%

#5 Passau City Germany

It is a small city located near the Austrian border in southern Germany. It has three rivers Danube, Ilz, and Inn passing through it and hence it is known as “The city of Three Rivers”. Recent stats show that 50,000 citizens reside in this city.

The city is very affordable compared to other cities in Germany. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment at €600 on average in the city. While you can rent the apartment at €340 outside the city. However, the average three-bedroom apartment costs €1,050 in the center of the city and €700 in the peripheral areas.

Apart from this, in Passau, the utility bills cost is less as compared to the other cities. It costs €75 on average on monthly bills. However, the costs can increase up to a certain amount such as €250 depending upon your usage.

The average price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant usually costs €7 for the meal of one person which will cost 12% more in Berlin. The cup of beer costs €2.80 and a cappuccino will cost €2.20. So, it is quite clear that the city is very affordable as compared to other German cities and you should definitely consider living there.

Passau VS Berlin City Living Cost Comparison

Items or ServicesPassauBerlinPassau vs Berlin
One-bedroom apartment (Periphery)€340€650-48%
One-bedroom apartment (City Center)€600€865-31%
Local Transport Ticket€2€2.80-28%
Taxi Fare (1km)€4€2+100%
Fitness Membership€23€25-7%
Restaurant Meal (1 person)€78€-12%



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