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Countries Paying Massive Salaries in 2023 – (Average Salaries)

All engineers, doctors/nursing staff, bankers, scholars, and other job professionals are paid on a different payscale in different countries because of currency differences, lifestyle standards in countries, and as per the country’s financial strength.

As you all know i hold a doctoral degree in Chemical engineering and was previously working as an assistant professor in China where my salary was US$2600/month but later i found the same designation job in Switzerland for around US$12000/month which means i started earning 4.61 times extra for same job designation, same working hours and same job responsibilities.

This is why i came up with this idea to write an article on giving insights to you about which of the countries pay high salaries in 2023; so you would look for jobs in that country where salaries are good.

List of Countries With High Salary Packages in 2023

You will be spending same amount of working hours in one country to get paid whereas another country might be paying double the salary for the same amount of work; so why not consider jobs in that high paying country? Therefore, i bring you my research on which of the countries pay high salaries in 2023. In this article i also discussed top five famous countries for offering high salaries. So, let’s explore each of the lists in detail to clear your mind.

1# Switzerland: US$85644 (Source: Swiss Federal Statistics)

Switzerland is not only famous for its scenic spots but also for its generously paid jobs and tops my article’s list with an average salary of $85644 with medical, residential, travel, and other allowances. You can find jobs in Switzerland’s pharmaceutical, banking, chocolate, and farming industries which keep hiring local and international staff throughout the year. If you wondering which professions are highly paid in Switzerland then here is the answer to that question; Lawyer, Airline Pilot, Accountant, Veterinarian, etc.

2# Luxembourg: US$$64832 (Source: STATEC Report)

Industries, banking, agriculture, and international services are the most contributing factors in Luxembourg’s economy and this is why a surge in the demand for international skilled workers is also observed there. Salaries are also high in Luxembourg and this is why i placed this country in second place among my high-salary-offering countries and if i tell you the exact average salary in Luxembourg then that is US$64832/annum as per the STATEC report.

3# Iceland: US$63931 (Source: Statistics Iceland Report)

The next country on my list is Iceland which is a less populated country as compared to other Nordic regions, where 92% of workers are involved in Labor jobs & earn around $66,460 a year to live a happy life (as per Statistics Iceland). And if you are now wondering which of the job professions are highly paid so here is the answer to that question; Chemical Engineering jobs, Engineering geologists jobs, Operation Managers jobs, & geophysicists jobs.

4# United States: US$53490 (Source: U.S. BLS Report)

The United States of America is one of my most favorite country on this list because as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) US workers are making a net income of US$53490 per year with an hour cap of 40 hours per week. Whereas, the professionals in private organizations in US are making US$200k in salaries, and the highest paid professions in US are Anesthesiologist, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Pilot, Podiatrist, Prosthodontist, and many more as per USNews salary report.

5# Denmark: US$76,474.95 (Source: Teleport)

This one is going to be very exciting section of this article because Denmark comes among the happiest countries (Source:CNN) so how come salaries in Denmark be on the lower side. As per my research on teleport’s issued salary metrics for Denmark the average highest wage in Denmark was recorded to be US$76474 per year. Henceforth, working in Denmark seems fun and as i’ve been there for a few years so i can tell with confidence that living standards in Denmark is extremely high.

Zahira Bano

(Associate Editor) Zahira holds a PhD in Cosmetics Surgery and Pharma. She worked with Mashables and some other beauty and wellness blogs. She is also a well-known personality and educationist and has a large number of social following. She also writes on the female empowerment motivational topics in her leisure time. She is also a scholarship winner and mentor for students looking for studying abroad opportunities.

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