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2022-2023 DAAD Scholarships Benefits, Coverage and Process of Application

What are the benefits of DAAD German Scholarship?

German Universities sponsor international students by fully or partially funded DAAD Scholarships 2022 that covers full to partial tuition fees, provides funding for monthly stipends, covers health insurance, flight expenses, conference participation fees, and laboratory expenditures of their students and scholars.

Following are the frequently asked questions regarding DAAD Scholarship coverage and benefits that an international student may receive upon winning this prestigious German Scholarship.

  • How much is paid monthly as scholarship money?

This is dependent on the academic merits of the people who have been awarded the scholarship. For those taking a Master’s programme, they are eligible for up to € 850 doctoral candidates and postdocs € 1200. The rates for the university teachers go up to € 2000 when it comes to assistant teachers and € 150 more for the professors.

  • Who pays for outward and return travel expenses?

DAAD gives an allowance for your travel expenses to all the DAAD Scholarship winners.

  • What benefits are extended to the holder’s family

Under special circumstances, the DAAD gives an allowance if your spouse has accompanied you. They also provide child allowance as well as insurance covers for your direct family. For the holders who have more than half a year’s worth of funding period, the Call for Applicants provides a more informative guide. However, if the funding period is under half a year then there are no family benefits awarded.

  • Is there a need to go for health insurance in Germany and does the scholarship contribute towards this?

The holders, as well as their families, have to have health insurance right from the inception of their stay in the country, and in most programmes, insurance coverage is part of the scholarship. If the program does not include insurance coverage under specific conditions then it is allowed that you take out the cheap insurance.

  • Is it allowed that I get a part-time job as a scholarship holder in Germany?

Scholarship holders that want to work part-time during their study have to seek the consent of the DAAD. Your academic supervisor or the course coordinator must also provide their approval. DAD will then move to confirm that the employee does not inconvenience your study. However, the additional income that exceeds €450 gross monthly is deductible from your monthly scholarship payment.

  • What if I am getting a second scholarship from another provider in my home country, does it affect my scholarship with the DAAD.

A second scholarship from an international provider that goes beyond €450 will not affect your DAAD scholarship. In the event that the second scholarship exceeds this figure, then it automatically follows that the amount is to be deducted from the DAAD scholarship

  • Certain universities in Germany charge tuition fees. Is it necessary that I pay fees if I am a DAAD scholarship holder?

DAAD does not cater to the tuition expenses of its scholarship holders. As a DAAD Scholarship holder, it is your responsibility to ask the host university if tuition fees are charged in your programme of choice.

In as much as tuition fees are generally charged, studying in some places is never free. For instance, in Baden-Wurttemberg, international students from non-EU or EEA countries at the Bachelor and Masters level of study are eligible to pay up to €1500 for every semester. Private universities may also demand a tuition fee.

Both the German state and private universities may also ask for fees commonly known as non-consecutive Master’s degrees. This is often required past experience professionally. It may also lead to a particular additional qualification such as LL.M degree programmes for students taking Law. Fees for such programmes are in certain instances too expensive, which is why it is always advisable that applicants find out prior to their application.


Yousaf Saeed

(Editor) I am a 3 times winner of a fully funded scholarship and studied abroad in top Universities without paying any single penny. I hold a Ph.D. degree in engineering and enjoyed the benefit of studying in most prestigious institutes. It is my passion to write on topics that help students to understand how they can find and apply for scholarships abroad and how they can conduct their academic research work effectively. It is my hobby to write for the students who are interested to inquire about what is it like to study in German Universities. There are various scholarships offered by the German education system to international students and I think it is a good thing to share easy tips that students may adapt to win those scholarships to get a chance to study in Germany.

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