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Documents for DAAD Scholarship Application in 2022

What do you need to submit DAAD Scholarship online application?

The documents required to apply for DAAD Scholarship application 2022 are the letter of motivation, CV, academic transcripts, professional certificates, personal statement, and letter of recommendation.

This article will help international students to prepare necessary documents in accordance with DAAD Scholarship application requirements.

  • When applying for a scholarship, one may be needed to submit a ‘letter of motivation’. What is this?

A letter of motivation is a brief letter of fewer than three pages where the student gets to list the reasons as to why they would wish to study at a German higher education institution. When applying for a scholarship, you may be needed to write a letter of motivation and one may also be needed when seeking funding to study a language. It is in this letter that you list what makes you qualified for funding. Below is a guide that will help you write a great motivation letter.

  • List your education, professional and any other relevant qualifications

You give detailed information on your academic qualifications, your previous degree programmes as well as the duration of the programmes. You should also state your professional work experience if you have worked in the past and if it is needed. Also, list any skills you may have such as proficiency in other languages. Awards that you may have won can also serve as additional points.

  • Write your academic motivation letter

You should also tell the recipient of your letter about why you want to study a particular programme or course. State why you are choosing the university that you are applying to as well as what you expect to achieve after studying the chosen programme at a German university.

  • State why you are applying for the scholarship

The letter should also include a detailed reason as to why you are applying for the DAAD scholarship. Write on what you expect the scholarship to help you with and how the scholarship will help you achieve your goals.

  • Include personal interests

This letter should also portray your character to the recipient. You can talk about your personal qualities and other extracurricular achievements you may have had.

Note: a letter of motivation should not be longer than three pages of a DIN A4

Study Plan and Research Proposal Writing for DAAD Scholarship:

A proposal is referred to as a comprehensive document that describes the academic project that you are undertaking. A good proposal should state the research goals, talk of the methodology of carrying out the research as well as how the research will be carried out.

Below are some factors to consider when writing a research proposal:

  • The objective of the research

Talk of what the research project will focus on. It is also important to give a detailed account of the steps you will follow as well as the duration that the project will take to get completed.

  • Structure of the research

This part should not be more than ten pages long. This is where you talk about the research literature and about the research. Talk of the existing research and academic sources that you will use to write your research proposal. Give an account of the theory or models that you will use and explain why you are choosing these theories or models. This part should also comprehensively state your research question.

  • State the research hypothesis, objectives, and relevance of the research

In this part of the research proposal, you state what you expect to achieve with the research and the expected end goals of the research.

  • Research Methodology

The research methodology should show the strategy that you will follow to handle the research question, how you will collect both qualitative and quantitative data as well as the academic sources that you will refer to. This section should also show how you will analyze the gotten results and what you have done or planned to do before getting the grant.

    • Discuss the problems or challenges that you will face when conducting the research.
    • Include a conclusive remakes paragraph about your planned research study and its innovation point.
    • Make a bibliography, where you make a list of all the reference materials that you have used.

Note: when submitting your time plan for the research, you should submit it separately from the research proposal.

What is the prerequisite to applying for a German scholarship?

Make sure to visit the DAAD website to get a detailed list of the scientific practice rules that you should follow during the application process.


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