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Donghua University (DHU) Scholarships 2024 by Chinese Government

Shanghai based Donghua University is inviting online applications from international students for Donghua University’s High-level Postgraduate Program (Category B CSC Scholarship nomination). So lets dive into an exceptional academic adventure with the Donghua University High-Level Postgraduate Scholarship in Shanghai, China.

This prestigious, fully-funded Donghua University Scholarship opportunity for 2024 intake not only promises a top-tier education but also encompasses a comprehensive package covering tuition, accommodation, medical insurance, and a generous monthly stipend. As an international student, you’ll not only advance your academic pursuits but also experience the vibrant culture and fast-paced lifestyle of Shanghai, a global hub of innovation and culture.

Donghua University, one of China’s prestigious institutions, offers the Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) – High-level Postgraduate Program (CGS Category Type-B) for the 2024 intake. This scholarship aims to enhance the “Double First-Class” construction of colleges and universities in China and is focused on attracting talented international students for master’s or doctoral degrees.

Subjects Offered at Donghua University (DHU) in 2024

The scholarship is open to excellent international students applying for master’s or doctoral degrees at Donghua University. All master’s and doctoral academic degree programs offered by Donghua University for the 2024 intake are applicable under this DHU-CGS scholarship​​.

Donghua University CGSIS Scholarship 2024 Benefits:

The CGSIS scholarship at Donghua university (DHU) covers the full duration of the academic program: three years for a master’s degree and four years for a doctoral degree. It also includes a waiver of tuition fees, medical insurance fees, on-campus dormitory fees, and a monthly stipend of about RMB 3,000 for master’s students and RMB 3,500 for doctoral students).

Application Method for Donghua University CGSIS Scholarship

The application process for the Donghua University High-Level Postgraduate Scholarship (CGSIS) is structured into several distinct stages, each requiring careful attention to detail.

1# Initial Application Submission (Deadline February 28, 2024)

Applicants are required to register and submit their application through Donghua University’s online application system. Any non-Chinese or English documents must be accompanied by notarized translations, and the accuracy and clarity of all uploaded materials are the applicant’s responsibility. Following submission, applicants should consistently monitor their email for any updates from the Donghua university, There is No application fee to apply for CGSIS scholarship at Donghua university.

2# Application at CGSIS (January – March 20)

Upon successfully passing the university’s preliminary review in step 1, applicants will receive a Pre-admission Letter from the international student office of Donghua university (DHU). They must then log into the CGS Information System (CGSIS), select Category Type-B, and use the agency number 10255 for Donghua university. After filling in personal information and uploading the required materials, applicants need to promptly inform the university of their CGS scholarship application form’s serial number.

3# DHU Nomination (March 20 – March 30)

During this period, Donghua University will select and nominate candidates for the scholarship to the China Scholarship Council (CSC). If a candidate is not chosen for the CSC scholarship, their application may automatically be considered for other entrance scholarships like the Shanghai Government Scholarship.

4# CSC Expert Review (April – June)

The CSC will conduct an expert review of the nominated candidates, focusing on their academic performance, comprehensive abilities, and potential for future development.

5# Result Announcement (July – August)

The final admission results, as determined by the CSC, will be announced by Donghua University (DHU). Successful candidates will then receive a formal admission document package. Those who do not receive the CSC scholarship may still be eligible for other entrance scholarships.

6# Freshmen Enrollment (End of August – Beginning of September) – Apply for Chinese Study VISA

Scholarship recipients are required to apply for a student visa and complete the registration procedures at Donghua University within the specified timeframe. It’s essential to submit the original application materials for verification at enrollment, as any discrepancies, including falsified documents, will lead to disqualification. Recipients must adhere to the stipulations of the scholarship, including not changing their admission institution, study program/major, or the study period. Additionally, they must participate in an annual scholarship review to maintain their scholarship status.

By following these steps diligently, applicants can effectively navigate the application process for the High-Level Postgraduate Scholarship at Donghua University.

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