EPFL Fellowships 2024 in Switzerland

The EPFL Fellowship offers CHF 10,000 per semester to outstanding master’s students applying from both within EPFL and globally. The École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) is renowned for fostering academic excellence, offering a limited number of fellowships to master’s students with outstanding academic records. This guide aims to provide international students with all the necessary information to navigate the EPFL Fellowship program for 2024 effectively.

Overview of EPFL Fellowship 2024

EPFL’s Fellowship program is highly competitive, and designed for students applying to any master’s program at EPFL. With a selection rate of about 3%, these fellowships are a testament to EPFL’s commitment to attracting and supporting the brightest minds. The fellowships, funded either directly by EPFL or through partnerships with foundations and private companies, underscore the institution’s dedication to academic excellence.

Eligibility for the fellowship extends to all applicants of EPFL master’s programs, including both external candidates with a bachelor’s degree from a university abroad and internal candidates from EPFL. However, students who already hold a master’s degree or are in receipt of substantial scholarships are not eligible.

Benefits of EPFL Swiss Fellowship

The fellowship includes CHF 10,000 per semester, accommodation reservation for external candidates, and a certificate of excellence upon completion of the program. The selection process is rigorous, with the fellowship committee evaluating candidates based on their academic performance.

How to Apply for EPFL Fellowship in 2024?

You can also consider applying for a double degree EPFL program, or EPFL internship program in 2024. The EPFL Fellowship program offers a unique opportunity for talented students to pursue their master’s studies in a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment. By adhering to the guidelines and making the most of the resources provided, fellows can achieve academic and personal growth during their time at EPFL

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