European Forum Alpbach 2024 Scholarships Available


The European Forum Alpbach 2024 Scholarship offers an unparalleled opportunity to engage in enriching scientific, artistic, and social discussions in Austria, covering conference fees, accommodation, and a daily allowance. It’s designed for students, young professionals, and changemakers from all disciplines, eager to expand their global perspective and connect with a vibrant international community.

This initiative, supported by the European Forum Alpbach and its extensive network, empowers the next generation of leaders with the knowledge, connections, and inspiration to make a lasting impact. The European Forum Alpbach (EFA) Scholarship 2024 is your ticket to an extraordinary international conference in the heart of Austria.

Why EFA?

EFA isn’t just any conference. It’s a powerhouse of innovation, creativity, and dialogue, offering around 350 scholarships for a diverse and enriching two-week program. Picture yourself engaging in cutting-edge seminars, workshops, and cultural events in the scenic village of Alpbach, surrounded by the Alps.


What’s Offered by this Alpbach Scholarship in 2024?

As a scholarship recipient, you’ll gain free access to the conference, accommodation, and a daily stipend. This is your chance to connect with global professionals and peers, contributing to meaningful discussions that span scientific, artistic, and social spheres.

Who Should Apply?

Are you between 18 and 30 years old, passionate about making a difference, and proficient in English? Then this scholarship is for you. EFA celebrates diversity and strongly encourages applications from underrepresented groups, aiming to foster an inclusive environment.


Application Deadline: March 28, 2024

Mark your calendars! Applications for European Forum Alpbach 2024 Scholarships are open from March 5 to 28, 2024. You can apply directly through the EFA portal or via a regional alumni club for a more tailored experience. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned professional, EFA promises a journey of growth, connection, and inspiration.


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