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Germany Citizenship Application Requirements 2023 – Check Your Eligibility


You can obtain citizenship of Germany easily through descent which means if your parent was a German citizen at the time of your birth then you would be able to get German PR easily but if the case is otherwise then only option left for you to apply for the citizenship of Germany is naturalization procedure which requires many years and for that your first task would be to receive German Permanent residence permit and then after eight years you will apply for German citizenship and in this article we are going to discuss every single thing of it.

Through naturalization process you can obtain German permanent residence permit but for that you have to either marry a German citizen or have to spend at least 5 years in Germany for work purposes however with that there are some other requirements to stand eligible for this German PR and later you will apply for citizenship so now lets first get familiar with the benefits of having a German passport.

Why You Should Consider Getting Citizenship of Germany?

I see multiple benefits of having a German Permanent residency because if you become a German citizen then you will be able to work for the government of Germany through civil service and with that you will also be given a German passport through which you will be able to travel in 100+ countries without a VISA or on VISA on arrival programs.


I see another exciting benefit of being a German citizen that you will become eligible to cast your vote for German parliament elections and with that you will also be able to find jobs in most European countries without even having to apply for work VISA because German is one of those 26 Schengen countries whose citizens do not require VISA to travel in between (Source

Your Roadmap to Become Eligible for a German Citizenship

I am going to suggest you three simple steps which over the period of 5-7 years you can complete to become eligible to apply for a German PR so lets get an idea of those three steps:


Step 1: You need to enter Germany on a VISA, then apply for a German temporary residence permit and once you obtain it then you need to live in Germany for over 5 years for work, marriage, or business purpose) and meanwhile you need to continue renewing your German residence permits.

Step 2: Your second step would be to convert your temporary residence permit of Germany to permanent residence permit (PR) but that would be possible if you continue to live in Germany for at least 4-5 years on temporary residence permit.


Step 3: So lastly third step would come after you receive your German permanent residence permit and spend eight years in Germany after that and then you will become eligible to apply for citizenship in Germany but for that you also would be required to have proper knowledge of German culture, German language, and history.

Shortcut to Apply for German Citizenship

Also, you an even become eligible to get German citizenship in some cases when if your German language proficiency is at B2 level by completion of German language course from German college (Volkshochsschule), or if you have married a German citizen for two years and have high German language proficiency.

Requirements to Apply for a German Citizenship

Now i will tell you one of the most difficult requirements to apply for German citizenship and this can not be bypassed in any case so that actually is a Naturalization test which is a mandatory requirement for every one interested to apply for German citizenship.


Now i must also inform you that if you are making your mind to apply for a citizenship of Germany then you will have to renounce your current citizenship because German never allow dual citizenships.

You must also need to know that there are only six Germany VISA types which can apply for German PR and citizenship upon completing all other requirements so those six visa types are researchers visa, family/marriage visa, skilled worker visa, asylum visa, EU blue card, and self employed visa.


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