Greece Work VISA 2024 Types, Application Process and Skill Shortages

If you’re seeking stable employment with an attractive salary, a desirable lifestyle, and a balanced work-life ratio then set your employment target to Greece which presents several excellent opportunities with easy work visa immigration rules in 2024. Greece, with its beautiful landscapes and rich history, is not just a dream destination for travelers but also a promising land for skilled professionals seeking employment. In 2024, Greece’s job market is open to international talent, offering a balance of a good lifestyle and professional growth.

Greece is actively searching for highly skilled professionals to address its skill shortages. Recent changes in Greece’s immigration laws have opened doors for internationally qualified and skilled workers to secure employment, along with work visas and residence permits. Therefore, this article offers comprehensive guidance on securing employment in Greece in 2024, detailing the appropriate Greek work visa type, securing a residence permit, and the entire application process, from start to finish.

Firstly, Let’s Read About High-Demand Skills in Greece in 2024

These following sectors are experiencing severe skill shortages in Greece for which you can search for employment and later on proceed with work visa application to move to Greece in 2024:

  • Information Technology (IT): With a booming IT sector, Greece seeks experts in cybersecurity, software development, cloud computing, and data analysis.
  • Tourism: Professionals in hospitality management, multilingualism, and digital marketing are in high demand.
  • Healthcare: There’s a growing need for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and medical equipment technicians.
  • Engineering: Civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers are sought for infrastructure and renewable energy projects.
  • Education: Teachers, especially in STEM and language education, are crucial.

All the Above Skills are facing Supply Shortages in Greece:

Skilled manual workers, agricultural experts, and scientific researchers are also in short supply in Greece which is why Greece-based employers are now allowed by their immigration department to hire foreign skilled and qualified workers.

Types of Greece Work Visas in 2024

1# Short-Stay Visa (C Visa):
Duration: Valid for up to 90 days within a 180-day period.
Purpose: Ideal for short-term work assignments, business trips, or attending conferences.

    • Business Visa: For attending meetings, negotiations, or conferences.
    • Employment Visa: For short-term projects or training programs.
    • Cultural Visa: For artists, musicians, or athletes participating in events.
    • Seasonal Work Visa: For temporary work in sectors like tourism or agriculture.

2# Long-Stay Visa (D Visa):
Duration: Valid for up to one year, with the option to renew.
Purpose: Required for work assignments exceeding 90 days.

    • Employment Visa: For regular employment with a Greek company.
    • Highly Skilled Professionals Visa: Targeted at professionals in specific fields like IT, engineering, or medicine.
    • Self-Employed Visa: For individuals starting their own business in Greece.
    • Family Reunification Visa: For joining family members who are legally residing in Greece.

3# Special Categories Greece VISA :
Blue Card Visa: For highly qualified non-EU nationals, allowing them to live and work in Greece. Similar to the U.S. Green Card.
Researcher Visa: For scientists and researchers involved in research projects in Greece.
Student Visa: While primarily for education, it sometimes allows for part-time work.

4# Working Holiday Visa for Greece:
Purpose: For young individuals from certain countries that have bilateral agreements with Greece, allowing them to work and travel in Greece for a specified period.

5# Freelancer or Self-Employed Visa for Greece:
Purpose: For individuals who intend to work as freelancers or are self-employed, provided they can prove sufficient income to support themselves without burdening the Greek social assistance system.

6# EU Blue Card for Greece:
Eligibility: Highly-qualified non-EU nationals seeking to work in a highly skilled job.
Benefits: Provides residency rights and certain social benefits

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for a Greece Work Visa in 2024

  1. Determine Your Work Visa Category: Choose between Highly Skilled Professionals or Regular Work Visa.
  2. Find Skill Shortage Jobs: Explained below this article.
  3. Gather Required VISA Documents: Passport, visa application form, photos, travel insurance, employment contract, qualifications, criminal record check, and financial documents.
  4. Financial Requirements: Provide a recent bank statement showing sufficient funds to cover your estimated living expenses in Greece.
  5. Submit Your Application: Contact the nearest Greek Embassy/Consulate and schedule an appointment.
  6. Wait for Processing: Be prepared for varying processing times.

Who Processes the Greece Work Visa Application?

Whether you need to apply for a Greece work visa or if your Greece-based employer will handle the application depends on the visa category as explained below:

    • Fast-track Visa: You initiate the process by collecting documents and applying through the Greek Embassy/Consulate.
    • Regular Work Visa: Your employer usually takes a more active role, such as getting approval to hire a non-EU citizen and providing necessary documents.

In summary, you’re responsible for obtaining the correct Greek work visa type, but your employer may assist with documentation and guidance, depending on the visa type and your arrangements.

Where to find Skill Shortage Jobs in Greece in 2024?

Discovering skill shortage jobs in Greece involves tapping into various resources. Here’s a streamlined guide to aid your search:

1# Government Portals:

2# Online Job Boards: Indeed Greece, Careerjet Greece, and Glassdoor Greece

3# Professional Networks: Linkedin and FB

4# Other Avenues: Job Fairs in Greece, and Greek News Websites and Publications

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