Henan Government Scholarships 2024 Without IELTS for International Students

So all my international students who failed to win a fully funded scholarship so far this year must read this article because here i am going to give you insights on another easy to win Henan Government Scholarship 2024 application submission instructions.

I think you will be happy to know that this Henan Government scholarship is basically a fully funded Chinese scholarship which is exempted from the requirement of IELTS exam and application submission fees hence making it easy and super economical for you to apply. If you are still wondering or feeling lazy to make an effort to apply for this Chinese scholarship then read my following section on what this scholarship is actually offering you so you choose Zhengzhou University for your next degree:

What You Can get by Zhengzhou University Presidential Scholarship?

I think you will get tired if you start to learn about the never ending benefits of winning a fully funded scholarship at Zhengzhou university to grab that chance of studying in China for free while enjoying various benefits that the skilled workers working for some company do not even enjoy but still i am going to tell you what those benefits would be.

Firstly the winners of Zhengzhou university scholarships for undergrad would get entitled to receive 15,000 CNY funding, whereas MS and Phd degree students will be able to enjoy free education throughout 3-4 years of their degree with monthly stipend of 3500 CNY, and free accomodation or CNY 1000 funding or arranging rental accommodation outside of campus.

Your Eligibility for Zhengzhou University Henan Government Scholarships

In this section i focussed on few parameters with which you will be able to figure out if you can actually apply for the Chinese scholarships offered by Zhengzhou university or not so lets first make sure to have all your academic documents in original form with you.

Now you need to check if you got high scores in your recent degree which would be GPA of 3 on scale of 4 or 60% marks and if you got this much score then you stand eligible for admission at Zhengzhou university and now you need to check if you also got Chinese language or English langauge proficiency test certificate which would be IELTS, HSK, or TOEFL and in case you do not have these then try to obtain English language proficiency test certificate from your last attended college.

You also need 2 original recommendation letters issued by the professors of your last attended school, a resume, statement of interest, passport, academic degrees, research proposal with publications copies, and character certificate documents as well for your application submission for Henan Government and Presidential scholarship of Zhengzhou university.

Where to submit application for Zhengzhou University Scholarships?

As per my research application method is very easy to apply for Zhengzhou University Presidential scholarship and Zhengzhou university Henan government scholarship and there is no application processing fee needed from international students to process their admission applications here but now you need to hurry a little because Zhengzhou university will not accept any applications after May 31, 2023.

I must also tell you if you win Zhengzhou university scholarship then be prepared to receive admission and Chinese study VISA invitation and offer letters at your residential address and then you will be required to submit your all documents to Chinese embassy of your country to obtain Chinese Student VISA that will allow you to enter China, get enrolled at Zhengzhou university and then convert your Chinese study VISA into Chinese residence permit.

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