Henan University Silk Road CSC Scholarship 2024

The Henan Institute Silk Road CSC Scholarship 2024 offers a comprehensive package for international postgraduate students, covering tuition, accommodation, living expenses, and medical insurance at Henan University. Our article provides an in-depth guide on the scholarship’s categories, benefits, eligibility criteria, and application process for aspiring master’s and doctoral candidates. This is an exceptional opportunity for international students aiming for postgraduate degrees in China.

Scholarship Category, Duration, and Admission Majors

  • Scholarship Category:

This program is designed for full-time postgraduates, including master’s and doctoral degree students.

  • Duration:

The scholarship covers the entire duration of the program, which includes professional and Chinese language (preparatory) studies at Henan university for the classes starting in September 2024. The study period generally spans 1 year for language preparation, 3 years for master’s, and 4 years for doctoral studies.

Henan University Scholarship Benefits

  • Tuition Fees: The scholarship covers all tuition fees.
  • Accommodation: Free on-campus accommodation or monthly accommodation subsidies are provided.
  • Stipends: A monthly stipend of 3000 RMB for master’s students and 3500 RMB for doctoral students.
  • Living Expenses and Medical Insurance: The scholarship also covers comprehensive medical insurance for international students.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the Henan Institute Silk Road CSC Scholarship 2024 are quite specific. To be eligible, applicants must be non-Chinese citizens who are in good health. For educational qualifications, those applying for the master’s program should be under 35 years of age and hold a bachelor’s degree, while doctoral program applicants should be under 40 years of age and possess a master’s degree.

Language Requirements: Language proficiency is also crucial; for majors taught in Chinese, applicants need to have a minimum of HSK level 4. For English-taught majors, non-native English speakers must have an IELTS score of 6.5 or a TOEFL score of 86 or above.

Henan University Scholarship 2024 Application Process

To apply for the Henan Institute Silk Road CSC Scholarship 2024, begin by submitting your application through the China Scholarship Council portal at On this platform, ensure you enter the agency number for Henan University, which is 10475, and select the CSC Scholarship Category B.

After completing and submitting your CSC scholarship application, proceed to the second phase of the application process by visiting the Henan University admission portal, where you will complete and submit your admission application for the university.

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