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Highest Paying JOBS in United Kingdom Without Degree Requirement 2024


If you do not have an academic degree and you still want to explore British job opportunities without requiring a university degree then this article is going to be super useful for you because i have revealed some of UK’s high paying jobs for which you can actually apply without any degree in 2023-2024.

You may wonder why would companies hire those job seekers who do not even have degree so for that let me tell you some occupations are skills and experienced based and this is why there is a very strong sense of understanding among HR of big companies that they should focus on skills, and work experience when hiring for those occupations and this is why there are lots of jobs available in UK market for those who do not have University/college degree, so lets explore top 3 of those here:

1- Uber Driver Jobs: Salary £42k – £86k per year

You are not required to have a university degree to drive an uber taxi in UK but for that you still need a legal car driving license, good communication skills, know how of roads/highways in UK, and vehicle ownership/rental agreement to be able to drive an uber taxi in UK without any degree requirement.


There are mixed reports about how much an uber driving is actually making in United Kingdom but a safe number to quote you would be anything between £42000 to £86000 per year and if you are wondering how i reached these numbers then here is its calculation.

Lets suppose an uber driver drives in UK for 8 hours a day with an average hourly income of £30 then daily income becomes (£30 x 8 hours = £240) whereas monthly income becomes £7200, and year income estimates about £86000 but out of this driver would be covering expenses of vehicle maintenance, fuels, food, and other cost as well.


I have created case study table for you to understand two scenarios with two Uber drivers where driver 1 makes £30 per hour income whereas driver 2 earns £20 per hour income:

Uber Driver in London Income Statistics
Hourly Income Daily Income Monthly Income Yearly Income
Driver 1: £30/hour £240/day £7200/month £86400/year
Driver 2: £20/hour £160/day £4800/month £57600/year

2- Exercise Personal Trainer Jobs UK: Salary £57600/year

British NHS recommends adults of age 19-64 to achieve weekly milestone of 150 minutes of workout per week (Ref NHS) which is also a factor that UK government have so many physical fitness programs and facilities where personal gym trainers, and personal exercise trainers are finding employment opportunities and that too without any degree requirement but you may be requested to provide certification from CIMSPA.


You should also know that there are four types of trainer levels (Bronz, silver, gold, and platinum) and each of those four types of exercise trainers have specific salaries depending upon their qualification, experience, and achievements so therefore on an average you a personal fitness/exercise/gym trainer can expect to make a yearly income of £30000 – £57600 per year (Ref HFE).

3- Sales Worker Jobs in UK: Salary £57600/year

You do not need a degree, diploma, or prior work experience to land a salesman job in UK because companies in UK are looking for such salesman who have strong grip on verbal communication, bargaining, excellent customer service skills, convincing skills, and be able to push their products to customers.

So if you are wondering how much a sales worker can earn in UK then that number estimates anything between £40k-£58k per year (Ref Reed) depending upon how good sales man you are whereas if you want to find salesman jobs in UK then i recommend you to please check open job positions at virgin media, salesforce, concentrix, and Oracle.


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